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Garda-Vilis (0308-B978868-A), is in the Vilis subsector of the Spinward Marches.
Garda-Vilis is 14,400 km in diameter (9000 miles) with a standard, tainted atmosphere, and seas covering 80% of its surface. Garda-Vilis has a population of 475 million persons, and is governed by a Council of Officers from the military of Vilis (0309 A-593933-A). Most of the population is located on the largest continent, and clustered around the starport/Scout base complex, in a number of small cities and farming areas.
Because of a recent insurrection against Regina Subsector the ruling council (which was put down at the expense of the little remaining popular support the council had), a strict law level of 8 was proclaimed, which permits no personal weaponry other than knives. Local law restricts private Grav Vehicle ownership.
The world's location along the x-boat route to the Regina, Lanth, and Jewell subsectors, along with the widespread dissatisfaction of its populace with the local and Imperial governments make Garda-Vilis a prime location for covert Sword World and Zhodani activities.

The world was settled ca.-121 and originally called Tanoose. The settlement failed within a few decades (for reasons unknown). The orgininal settlers, as were the original settlers of Vilis, were from from the Sword Worlds.

The colony was taken over by the government of Vilis to prevent its extinction. At this time, the name was changed to Garda-Vilis, which means 'new Vilis' in one of the local dialects. The only industries on the planet are wholly owned by the government of Vilis. This is done in a conscious attempt to keep the colony economically dependent. The atmospheric taint is partially due to the very dirty industrial base. Many of the fctories have been shut down and are off-limits till cleaned up. The government of Vilis is in no hurry to do this.
The atmospheric taint was caused by a mix of certain industrial pollution with natural pollens. Humans and Vargr develop an immunity after one to two years of exposure. There is a vaccine, but in about 10% of Humans and Vargr it produces a violent allergic reaction requiring a hospital stay of two to three weeks. Without the vaccine or the use of filter masks, symptoms range from shortness of breath to hives and in rare cases, hemorrhaging in the lungs.

There is a single starport. It contains both the commercial starport, and the Scout Base. The IISS maintains it's own section, including facilities and security.
Garda-Vilis has no naval forces of its own. A pair of old system defense boats and four light fighters are supplied from Vilis' navy.
[GM Note: At any given time, at least one of the fighers is out of commision. This is due it being used as a spare parts supply to keep the others operational. Only one of the SDBs are in space at any given time. The other is at the port, under going maintenance and crew rotation.]
The starport authorities have a limited number unarmed small craft available. These are three shuttles and a pair of 50 ton modular cutters. These are unarmed and are in a wide range of operations which include orbit to surface shuttling and refueling.
The Vilis Navy also has several grav vehicles for use within the starport reservation. These are primarily cargo and passenger transports. One has been "garage shopped" to a military transport. External armor and missile mounts have been added, as well as a ECM pod.
The starport/scout base complex, and the cities near it are defended by ground based planetary defenses. These consist of a deep-site H meson gun (with a type 9 computer) and a series of surface sensor sites, some of which are concealed. The others guarded by such troops as can be spared from civil affairs duties.  The troops guarding these sites are active military troops from Vilis.  They are well armed and prone to shoot long before they even think of asking questions.

The Imperial Scout Base maintains two Express Boat Tenders, six Type S Scout/Couriers, and a two small non-jump ships. The small craft are a pinnance, and a modular cutter . They maintain several grav vehicles (air/rafts, G-Carriers, and a single speeder) as part of the Imperial Reservation. It is rare to find more than one or two of the Scout/Couriers at the port. The rest are typically out on missions. At least one of the Express Boat Tenders is away from the planet, servicing X-Boats at any given time.

Vilis uses Garda-Vilis as a dumping ground for minor criminals & political undesirables. Many farms are 'collectives' where the "transports" are working to collect enough work credits for their own 10 hectares and a plow groat. It takes a long time, since they have to buy everything from the company store.

The factory jobs are the good ones. If sentenced to Garda-Vilis from Vilis, use your bribe money to get a factory job. It's also were most of the educated, original Tanoose decedents work.

One of the crops grown on Garda-Vilis is tobacco. It grows well, but is not the highest quality tobacco found in the Marches. The redeaming features of the local tobacco crop is that there is a lot of it. It's a cash export crop for the larger farms. They process it into inexpensive (i.e cheap) cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. It's sold primarily as cargo space filter. It's a steady, low profit margin commodity product.

There is a local resistance movement fighting against the Vilis Council of Officers.  This group calls itself the Tanoose Freedom League (TFL). They have always taken great pains to demonstrate their basic loyalty to the Imperium, and has never damaged Imperial property or personnel. In 1083 when the Ine Givar terrorists attempted to recruit the TFL into their organization, the bodies of the Ine Givar agents were found just outside the entrance to the scout base. This was interpreted as a rejection of the Ine Givar overtures.

Since recent insurrection, the population of Garda-Vilis is no longer be trusted by the government of Vilis.  The local loyalist units on Garda-Vilis have been disarmed and disbanded. Units of the main force of the Vilisian army have not yet been able to transfer to the world in significant numbers. The disgruntled members of the disbanned local units are prime candidates for TFL recruitment. They were equipped with Assault Rifles as their primary small arm and were equiped motorized transport. A few key units had grav transport. Their arms have been warehoused (the Vilis Military units are better armed). Raiding those warehouses is considered typical TFL training exercises.

The primary forces available to the Council of Officers are a few companies of Vilisian Civil Affairs troops,

These troops are more police than soliders. They are equiped with light body armor, sidearms, thumpers, SMGs, shotguns and carbines. They have aquired the grav transports used by the local loyalist units. Those are lightly armored and have minimal integral weapons.

The larger collective farms have their own security forces. These private forces are primarily staffed by locals of Tanoose decent. The officers and senior NCOs are typically mercenaries and/or retired Imperial Military. While many members of these units are at least sympathetic to the TFL, they are generally more loyal to their paychecks. They are usually armed with carbines, field knives and truncheons. Farm vehicles are used for their transport. Large multi-wheel drive trucks are most common, with the grav cargo transports (licenced and monitor by the Vilis government) being used in special situations. A few of the farms have beefed up their security forces. Don't be surpised to find LMGs, light mortars or locally produced aircraft (typically autogyros). The aircraft are primarly for scouting, but some are armed, and there are a few large enough to move a few squads of troops.

There is a University on Garda-Vilis

The primary source for 'canon' material on Garda-Vilis is the Classic Traveller Adventure Broadsword

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