2008 Friday B-Movie Picks

My 2008 Friday B-Movie picks from the Blog

Iron Man
Good movie. Robert Downey, Jr. really carried it. He did a great job. It seemed to me that Jeff Bridges was doing a Kris Kristofferson impression the entire movie. Stick through the credits for the Samuel Jackson appearance.

Cowboys and Aliens in 3031. That's the setting of Oblivion, winner of the 1994 Best Fantasy/Horror film at the Houston International Film Festival.
A deliciously tongue in cheek spoof of both the SciFi & Western genres.
For extra bonus fun, delightful roles with Julie Newmar, George Takei and Issac Hayes.

The Mummy.
Yup, the 1999 version with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. The movie reminds me of an RPG adventure, but with low to medium ranked characters.

Young Frankenstein, a comedic tip of the hat to the classics.
Innocent Blood, vampires, mobsters, cops, comedy and casual nudity from Anne Parillaud. There is a lot to like in this film.
Near Dark, a darker look at the modern vampire. Great cast of bloodsuckers roaming the American southwest.
An American Werewolf in London, a lighthearted look of what can go wrong when you don't stay on the road and don't "ware the moon." Just remember Jack, he didn't mean to call you meatloaf. Big bonus: Jenny Agutter!

Kill Bill Volume 1
A wild ride of roaring rampage and revenge with a really cool soundtrack. Uma Thurman at the peak of her career.

Circle of Iron
The original story came from Bruce Lee. It was to star him as the Blind Man with the flute and one of his students, James Coburn as Cord. Another student of Lee's, Sterling Silliphant finally got it filmed. Although with David Carridine in the role Lee was to play. This martial arts film actually has plot, and a message. Keep in mind that Bruce Lee majored in philosophy in college. The BluRay version has a long interview with Joe Lewis, who is listed as the fight coordinator for the movie. In the interview, Lewis tells how he was brought in, after principle photography in Isreal was completed, and asked by the studio to reshoot all the fight scences. Which he did in 10 days, in Hollywood sound stages and backlots. Seems the studio wasn't too thrilled with the fight scenes that Carridine and his Kung Fu instructor put together. The fights scenes are quite good. I would like to see the original ones for a comparison.

The Rocketeer
Based on the comic book, with Howard Hughes standing in for Doc Savage, and Jennifer Connelly playing the girlfriend (drawn with a huge tip of the hat to Bettie Page in the comic). Fire up the popcorn for this one. A fun film with a great cast.

Big Trouble in Little China
A first class Action/Martial Arts/Comedy flick. Kurt Russell plays the comic tough guy persevering in a situation way over his head. Plus a young Kim Cattrall as the crusading lawyer Gracie Law.

The 1987 classic that started the franchise.
My friend Doug Berry pointed out an interesting political link to this action/SciFi flick, there are two future state governors in staring roles. The first is Arnold Schwarzenegger, former governor of California. The second is former US Navy SEAL, Vietnam veteran, and a successful professional wrestler, Jesse Ventura. He was the governor of Minnesota, elected as an independent.

The Notorious Bettie Page
Bettie Page passed away yesterday at the age of 85.

Lethal Weapon
To celebrate Christmas, today's pick is Lethal Weapon. The first in the series from way back in 1987.
The movie does start off with "Jingle Bell Rock"...

From 1981, this retelling of the Authurian legend isn't afraid to show the dark side of Camelot.

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