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 Doc Savage:
Clark Savage, Jr. Called "Doc" by friends. Due to the dark tanning of his skin, he is also known as the Man of Bronze.

 Birth data:,
The exact date of birth is not known, but the year was around 1900. The place of birth was on board a schooner named Orion. The Orion was anchored off the north shore of Andros Island in the Bahamas at the time of birth.

 Physical Description:

In The Man of Bronze, Doc is described as being six feet in height and two hundred pounds of bone and muscle. Eleven years later in the July 1944 issue, The Man Who Was Scared, Doc grew four inches and was listed as weighting 210-220 pounds in a police bulletin. According to Dent's notebook, Doc was a massive six feet eight inches and weighing two hundred seventy pounds. He is a very large man but is so well proportioned that his large size is not apparent until he is standing next to another person or some other object with which his size can be compared.

 Because of his dark tan, Doc Savage became known as the Man of Bronze. His hair is also a hade of bronze although it is of a slightly darker color than that of his skin.

 Perhaps the strangest part of Savages appearance is that of his eyes. His eyes are flecked with gold and posses a strong hypnotic quality. His eyes never seem to rest on any particular spot for very long. Many people (particulary criminals) find it very difficult to stare into the bronze man's eyes.

 Physical Attributes:

 Doc Savage is very strong, apparently possessing the strength of many men. He is also very agile and possesses the skills of a trained gymnast. His senses of smell and hearing are developed far beyond those of the average person. He engages in a two hour routine of highly developed exercises every day to help keep him in top physical and mental condition.

 Mental Attributes: Mentally, Doc Savage is a genius. When still a small child, Clark Savage, Jr. was placed in the hands of scientists so that he would have the best training possible. He was trained by experts in nearly every discipline and he was up to the challenge. He is an expert in many fields such as chemistry, physics, engineering, geology, archeology astronomy, law, etc. But first and foremost he is a surgeon, most likely the best the world has ever seen.

 Doc Savage has a memory that is nearly perfect as well as observation and deduction capabilities that are in excess of those of Sherlock Holmes.

 As a result of the training he received, Doc Savage attempts to remain as emotionless as possible. However, in times of mental stress or excitement he may emit a trilling sound. This sound is very difficult to describe and seems to come from every direction so that it is very difficult to locate its source. This is very helpful in that most of the time Doc is not aware that he is making this sound.

 Occupation: Doc Savage has dedicated his life to stopping criminals and to helping those people that are unable to help themselves.

 The life Doc Savage leads, that of stopping evil, can be very expensive. Since Doc takes no payment from the people he helps, he must use his own source of money. Doc's wealth comes in the form of gold from a hidden valley in the small South American country of Hidalgo. This valley contains the last of the Mayans who supply Doc with the gold.

 Base of Operations: Doc Savage has placed his base of operations in the Empire State Building. Although it is reported that he occupies the 86th floor of the ESB, it is not known which floor he actually operates from. The 86th floor of the ESB has always been the observation deck, therefore Doc Savage could never have occupied that particular floor.

 Doc Savage also maintains a hanger/warehouse. It is identified by a sign reading HIDALGO TRADING COMPANY. This building is connected to the base of operations in the Empire State Building by the "flea run". This is a tunnel through which a small pneumatically powered vehicle travels.

 At various times, and for various reasons, Doc Savage likes to be alone. At these times he retreats to his Fortress of Solitude. This Fortress of Solitude is located somewhere in the Arctic.

 Equipment: Doc Savage has an affection for gadgets. He wears a special vest that is covered with pockets so that he can carry equipment to deal with almost any situation that he may encounter. This equipment can be anything from high explosives to knockout gas. He also carries equipment besides that carried in the vest. He has been know to have small glass modules containing knockout gas fitted into the sleeves of his jacket. This way, he can burst the glass modules and release the gas simply by flexing his biceps. Savage also carries a rope with a grappling hook and has been known to have various articles hidden on his body (hollow teeth, fake nails etc). Various parts of his clothing may also be saturated with chemicals that may be used to make explosives or acids among other things. For additional protection, Savage usually wears a bullet proof chain mesh undergarment. He has also been known to wear a skull cap.

 One thing Doc Savage usually tries to avoid using is a gun. But make no mistake, Savage is an expert marksman and if need be, he will use a gun. Doc Savage will go to great lengths to avoid killing, but he has been known to kill when there were no alternatives.

 The hangar/warehouse mentioned earlier is used to house an assortment of vehicles, and related equipment. Vehicles stored here include submarines, amphibious planes, aujtogiros, rigid airships, and yachts

 Back at the Empire State Building there is a basement garage that is used to house various cars and trucks that the bronze man and his associates use. Most of Savage's vehicles are armored.

 Relatives: Doc Savage has only one known living relative, Patricia Savage. She is a cousin and, resembles Doc Savage very much. Patricia is a strikinly beautiful woman, tall and athletic. She loves adventure and attempts to join Doc on his many adventures although he tries to discourage her. She runs a high priced "beauty shop"/salon to help keep herself occupied and well funded.

Associates: Doc Savage has five associates who help him on his various adventures. Each is an expert in their respective fields. Doc met these men during World War I and they became fast friends.

 Lt. Col. Andrew Blodgett Mayfair - One of the worlds leading industrial chemists. He is nicknamed "Monk" because of his short stature, exceptionally long arms, and his covering of coarse red hair. Monk is extremely strong and loves to fight. His voice is small and squeaky until he gets into a fight, whereupon his voice becomes a load roar.

 Brigader General Theodore Marley Brooks - Perhaps the best lawyer to ever graduate from Harvard. Not only is he one of the best lawyers in the world, but he is the best dressed. It has been said that tailors have been known to follow him down the street just to see how clothes should be worn. He carries a cane that is in actuality a sword, the blade of which is tipped with an anesthetic drug. One prick of the skin with this coated blade will put a person to sleep. Brooks is known as "Ham" to his friends (or to those who can outrun him). He got this nickname from an incident in the war where he was framed for stealing hams. He was sure Monk had framed him but could never prove it. (Monk did have motive in that he had gotten in trouble for using certain words when talking to a French general. These words had been taught to him by Ham who had assured him that the words were compliments. Needless to say those words were not compliments).

 William Harper Littlejohn - Known as Johnny to his friends, he is one of the best geologists and archaeologists in the world. Johnny had an eye injured in the War and used a monocle because of that injury. Later, Doc Savage was able to repair the eye but Johnny retained the monocle and uses it as a magnifying glass. Johnny is also very fond of using large words (except when talking to Doc Savage). Physically, he is very tall and thin. He has been described as a skeleton wearing clothes.

 Major Thomas J. Roberts - Nicknamed Long Tom, he is at the top of the field in electronics. He is of average height with a very pale complexion. He looks as though he were raised in a cellar with no exposure to sunlight. His looks are deceptive in that he is very wiry and is a wildcat in a fight. He can whip nine out of any ten men he is likely to encounter.

 Col. John Renwick - Renny, as he is called by his friends, is one of the top engineers in the world. He is constantly being called upon to design and build various structures such as large buildings and dams. He is a very large man with a deep voice. The happier he is the more sad he looks. Renny has fists that are so large that they appear out of place, even on someone as large as he is. He loves to smash his large fists through wooden door panels and is also very fond of saying "Holy Cow!"

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