Military Fiction

Ok, so I'm starting off with non-fiction: Rogue Warrior, the autobiography of Richard Marcinko. Former commander of Navy SEAL Team Two and founder of SEAL Team Six, the Naval anti-terrorist unit.
Following up this tell is like is book, Mr. Marcinko has written (along with John Weisman) a string of fictional stories: He did a video tape that tells of his actual Red Cell days in the US Navy.
Here is a great collection of military fiction short stories. The authors include: Stephen Coonts, James H. Cobb, H. Jay Riker (William Keith), and S.M. Stirling
First to Fight
First to Fight 2
For more of William Keith's (writing as H. Jay Riker) work, I suggest his SEAL series.

Mr. Keith has started a series about the US Submarine Service. William Keith also writes Military Science Fiction.
Stephen Coonts is the editor of the really, really good Victory series.

The A&E Horatio Hornblower series of movies are, IMNSHO, quite well done.

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