Military Science Fiction

Military Science Fiction is a hot field with strong authors.
William Keith is one of those authors. He writes under many pen names.
Writting as Ian Douglas, he has written The Heritage Trilogy. Mr. Keith continues writting as Ian Douglas with The Legacy Trilogy. He has also written a couple of books in the Bolo series (under his own name!). William Keith also writes modern military fiction.
S.M. Stirling is another stronger player in this field. You will want to read his Draka Series: The first three novels are now available in a single book called The Domination.

Coming out in November of 2000 is a collection of tales about Drakas

A spin off of his General Series (written with David Drake) is The Chosen

He also written several books with Jerry Pournelle. The last two books of the Falkenberg's Legion novels shows these two authors at the top of their form.

David Weber has made a big splash in the field with his Honor Harrington series
There have been a couple of books of shorts written in the Honor Harrington universe:
More Than Honor, includes works by David Weber, David Drake & S.M. Stirling
John Ringo
The War with the Posleen

This series continues with:

The March series with David Weber

He also has another series out that blends Hard SF with fantasy:

More Techno-Thriller than SciFi is the Ghost Series.

David Drake is another major player in this field. He's best know for his Hammer's Slammers series.
Other Mil-SciFic he has written include: Here is an interesting trilogy here he mirrors history in the future: Hammer's Slammers books:
David Sherman and Dan Cragg have Marines in the 25th Century
  1. Starfist: First to Fight
  2. Starfist: School of Fire
  3. Starfist: Steel Gauntlet
  4. Starfist: Blood Contact
  5. Starfist: Technokill

One of the classics of the field is Joe Haldeman's The Forever War
Timothy Zahn has two good entries in The Blackcollar and The Backlash Mission
Rick Shelley has several successful series, including his Dirgent Mercenary Corps books:
You can not discuss this field without mentioning Robert A. Heinlein's Starship Troopers. Do yourself a favor, read the book before you see the movie. If you've only seen the movie, read the book!
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