Why was this Page Black?!?
Because the Church & Grill supports the entire Bill of Rights...
One member has a small rant about the mess

Bill and Joe's Church and Grill


The Church And Grill (Herein refered to as CG) was founded in 1987 by William H Hawley (Bill) and Joseph P Notaro Jr. (Joe).

The CG concept was an idea formed by Bill and Joe one day as we were sitting around in the engineering lab goofing off and drinking coffee. It was around the time that Jim and Tammy Bakker were being exposed. We figured that if those Assholes could have thier own religion so could we. (And we didn't even want cash contributions)

And so it came to be the CG was formed and our quest began to convert our co-workers and anyone else who would listen to us rant and rave about the Holy Tequila and Saint Spuds MacKenzie.

Well things went better than we ever expected. We had to make up a membership application to weed out the Subversive overly left wingers like Hanoi Hank and other people who would violate the "Code of the Men". Not to mention people who were too politically correct

Out of the CG came our own watchdog organizations "The Bill and Joe's Church and Grill Political Action Commitee (CG-PAC). This was the group that helped to defeat the Duke in his scurilous attempt to become president. However we were not able to defeat the current lefto-socialist who is destroying the very fabric that our great nation is founded upon.

The other organization is "The Bill and Joe's Church and Grill Central Inteligence Agency (CG-CIA). This and the CG-PAC were run by our esteemed colllegue Deacon John. John is recently desceased and is now Saint John the Animal!


The CG Hierarchy is as follows:

                Jose Cuervo---- SPUDS----Saint John the Animal
                               /     \
                              /       \
                             /         \
                      Pastor Joe-----Pastor Bill
                             Pretzel Boys
                             Beer Gophers


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