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I have a short rant about the mess

The First Couple

The Thankfully former residents of the White House, Ex-President William Jefferson Clinton and Ex-First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton.

To sum up the Clinton stewardship of the White House, "A landsman may hold the helm when the seas are calm."
The the classic book, The Art of War, Sun Tzu writes:

The Commander stands for the virtues of wisdom, sincerely, benevolence, courage and strictness.
Billy Jeff Clinton has none of these virtues.
BJ Clinton took a page from former NYC Mayor Ed Koch's book. He didn't govern as President, he entertained the country. He kept the late night comics busy making jokes on who he was screwing this week (it certainly wasn't HRC), so we would ignore that he:

She was a staff lawyer for Congressional investigations into Watergate. The First Lady headed up a task force on reforming health care. It was shot down by the then Democrat controlled Congress. She did very well in the Commodities market during that 'Era of Greed', the 80's.
Here is an excellent quote from Michael Kelly in his book Things Worth Fighting For on HRC's strong religious roots for secular democrats to remember:
"The politics of Hillary Rodham Clinton are indeed largely liberal (although, the post election evidence indicates, no more so than those of her husband), but they are of a liberalism derived from religiosity. They combine a generally 'progressive' social agenda with a strong dose of moralism ...

"They are, rather than primarily the politics of left or right, the politics of do-goodism, flowing directly from a powerful and continual stream that runs through American history, from Harriet Beecher Stowe to Jane Addams to Carry Nation to Dorothy Day, from the social gospel of the late 19th century to the temperance-minded Methodism of the early 20th century to the liberation theology of the 1960s and 1970s, to the pacifistic and multi-culturally correct religious left of today ...

"It is concerned not just with how government should behave, but with how people should. It is the message of the preacher, a role Hillary Rodham Clinton has filled many times delivering guest sermons from the pulpits of United Methodist churches."

President Clinton sends the U.S. Military into sticky situations.  Strangely enough, this happens just about every time he needs a boost in the polls. He has no problem with this, even with his history of evading the draft.
He is also calling for reform of campaign funding laws, even though he has been in the center of numerous illegal campaign funding raising scandals.
Before his election, he and his wife discussed some of their problems on national TV. One of those problems was Gennifer Flowers.   Later on, another problem from the President's past came forward.  Since then, a lot of the President's problems have popped up.
He also made a lot of promises, and asked the American People to trust him.
Back in 1992, his campaign put out a book called Putting People First.
The President promised to hold his staff to higher ethical standards.
When pushing his various 'crime' bills, the President is typically surrounded by Police Officers.
Sometimes he brings in his friends to do spin control.
The White House staff admitted that for several years, their Haiti policy was that of a former President's. One of that President's foreign policy staff ran a smuggling operation out of Arkansas' Mena Airport.
President Clinton has often been compared to another former President.
Now out in paperback is Bob Woodward's book, The Agenda: Inside the Clinton White House.
I suggest reading the book Primary Colors, a work of fiction with surprising a likeness to the Clinton campaign of 1992. It's been made into a rather good motion picture. See the movie, but also read the book for the details.
Another good book to read is Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House. This book has been #1 on the New York Times best sellers list for several months. Not bad for a book the Clinton Administration claims to "have killed."
To get some incite into the President's background, try his local hometown newspaper.
Even though few Democrats are running against him, the President was campaigning in New Hampshire.

Home pages dedicated to President Clinton:

Let's not leave out the co-President!
Or the Vice-President!

A note on links. Preston Crow used to have a really good set of Whitewater and other Clinton scandal links. Since he stopped maintaining them, they have been scattered to the virtual winds. I got tired of updating half the links on this page every two weeks as they popped up and down. As it stands, I've got links to several sites that currently or used to host his stuff. If you want to find it, you can. I'll be cleaning the links up on this page slowly.
Since I'm on the subject, a few words on Whitewater. It really just is part of a failed S&L. One of way too many that occurred during that 'Decade of Greed', the 80's. No big deal there. It really is a very minor scandal compared to others the President is involved in. The Mena Airport & the 900+ illegally obtained FBI files being just two examples. The only really interesting thing about Whitewater is that it clearly shows the hypocracy of the Clintons. During his campaign, then-Governor Clinton said that those people involved in S&L scandals who walked away scott free during a Bush administration would be called up on the carpet during a Clinton Administration. The Senate hearings are a case of the Senate keeping one the President's campaign promises for him. The Clintons also spent a lot of time during their campaign stating that those who got rich during the Decade of Greed, should be paying their fair share. A quick look at Mrs. Clinton's success in the Commodities shows that she did very well during the 80's. The recent book, Bloodsport, doesn't bring up any new data on Whitewater, but it does describe Mrs. Clinton as a 'greedy yuppy' during the Decade of Greed, who was betting on Reaganomics.

The second term. President Clinton was re-elected, barely...Of those able to vote, less than half did.  Of those who did vote, less than half voted for President Clinton.  George Swaythepopulus called that a sign of the President's "mandate."  Please note that George announced his retirement from the White House Staff at about the same time.  There are limits to what he can try to sell to the American public.
This really is a telling statement on the public's trust in President Clinton. He was a setting President, the economy was good, inflation was down (Thank you Chairman Greenspan), unemployment was down, Bob Dole just isn't that charismatic a figure, and President Clinton is easily one of the best campaigners to hit American Presidential politics in the last fifty years. With all this going for him, he still couldn't get fifty percent of the popular vote! Perhaps the American voting public finds him a reasonable administrator, but really doesn't trust him.
With good reason we found out on Monday, August 17th, 1998. President Clinton admitted that he had been flat out, bold faced lying to the American Public since January! Not only did he lie, but he had his wife & staff go out and lie for him!

Every left wing extremist who comes out in defense of Bill Clinton goes on about his popularity
Let us look at the "mother of all polls", the only ones that really count, elections.
In 1992, when only 54.8 percent of eligible voters cast a ballot, Clinton received 23.6 percent of votes cast. In 1996, less than half of eligible voters -- 47.8 percent -- went to the polls. Clinton received 24 percent of votes cast. It seems that he isn't that popular...

Fornigate: Let's be honest folks, it would be surprising to the American public if Bill Clinton didn't try to have sex with an attractive 21 year old intern. If he did let this California Cupcake give oral dictation to the First Memember, so what? After Flowers, Jones, and anything else in a tight skirt in D.C. & Arkansas, we are not surprised. Now asking this graduate of Beverly Hills High (90210, oh, oh, OH!) to lie about it in court is a very serious matter. So serious that when presented with Ms. Tripp's tapes, Janet Reno (appointed by President Clinton) and a panel of three judges (including one appointed by JFK, and another by President Johnson) decided that the matter required investigation. It was Janet Reno who decided to extend Mr. Starr's investigation to cover allegations about the President and Ms. Lewinski. So the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" HRC talks about on national TV, must include Janet Reno, John F. Kennedy, and Lyndon Johnson! Next time she's on Good Morning America, she'll probably talk about the Black Helicopters flying over the White House.
One question I would like to see answered is:
Did Veron Jordon help any other White House Interns find high paying public sector jobs?
Well, the answer was: "Just Web Hubbel." How come none of those hard hitting journalists, who all deny their left wing bias, have asked these questions?

Well, the hard-core partisan politics of the Extremist Left is out in the open for all to see. Even after the Far-Left puppet Chuck Schumer freely admits that Clinton committed perjury. Senator Byrd, one of most respected Democratic member of the Senate stated on national TV that the President's crimes clearly rose to an impeachable offense.  Despite this, the Democrats in the Senate marched lock step in party line to acquit President Clinton off all charges.

The fallout of this has been that two (so far) Democratic Senators have resigned rather than face the public over their act of national shame.
Bill Clinton said that we "needed to put this behind us", so he could carry out "the peoples business" that he had been elected to do. It seems that Bill's idea of "the peoples business" is raising money for democrats. What Ken Starr spent proving the obvious (that Bill Clinton is a liar) is peanuts compared to the tax payer dollars Bill spends jetting about on campaign fundraisers.

Unlike HRC, I lived in New York State. I went to school there, I worked there, I paid taxes there.
The NYS Democratic leadership should just pack up and move to Las Vegas. Why? Because what they are doing by putting HRC up for that seat is pimping the electorate of NYS to whom ever can raise the most soft money, regardless of here she comes from. Their actions would be legal in Nevada.
Rick Lazio, a New York State Congresman for eight years, has raised more money from New Yorkers than HRC has by a long shot.
Where does HRC does her (soft money) fund raising? Not in New York. According to articles in the Far Left Boston Globe, she (and her husband) have raised soft money, for her campaign in New York State, in the following places: This should drive home that Hillary is running for Hillary, and not the people of New York State. Let's face faces here. If Algore blows it in November 2000, HRC will drop the people of New York like her interest in a Razorbacks game to run for the White House in 2004.

There is only one "New Yorker" runnning

Ok, the debate. Lazio beat Hillary Clinton fair and square during the first debate. Hillary Clinton's handlers were spinning before the audience left the room. "Big Bad Rick invaded poor victim Hillary's space." Get fornicating real! Real New York Politicians, like Bella Abzug would have hit the roof if some so-called reporter dared to imply that they couldn't handle the pressure of New York politics.

In one of the biggest con jobs in New York state history, it looks like HRC is going to sit the in seat of a New York State Senator.
It's painfully obvious that she will be there promoting HRC, and NYS comes a distance fourth (at best) in her priorities.

Hillary Clinton's attempt at being a Hawk about Iraq is a Miserable Failure!
Here are some good books to read about the Clintons:

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