Jerry Brown & the ACLU on the FBI/ATF

From: (Jim0123)
Newsgroups: talk.politics.guns
Subject: Gov Jerry "MoonBeam" Brown & ACLU Trash FBI
Date: 20 Sep 1995 20:22:39 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)

Unexpected allies ? On mondays TV show Politically Incorrect I witnessed both ex-California governor Jerry Brown and whatz-her-name the ACLU overlord *both* trashing the hell out of the FBI/BATF, and the general fascist trends in govt "law enforcement". Both stated unequivocably that Randy Weaver was set-up, badly used, horribly violated and swept under the carpet by the feds. Both stated beliefs that if Mr. Weaver had race-seperatist ideas then that was his business ... that if he wanted to semi-isolate himself that was his business ... that if he wanted to raise his children in that environment then it was *his business* ... if he wanted to keep 99.9 guns on the premisis then that was his business and priviledge and The State had NO business targeting him for anything relating to his sociopolitical views or firearms fetish. Oh sure, race-seperatists suck ... but in America you have the right to entertain sucky beliefs without the govt putting a contract out on your life.

The expression of such sentiments by the ACLU is LONG DUE. That organization has been reluctant to support the WHOLE bill of rights with the same zeal with which it defends the 1st amendment. As for a hippie-dippy political noteworthy like Gov Moonbeam also showing so much of that old 60s libertarian spirit ... I was frankly suprised - and pleased. Most of the 60s people did not start out as what we now call "liberals" but instead as something much closer to libertarians. Perhaps more of that generation will remember what they *meant* when they advocated FREEDOM and JUSTICE. We can hope.


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