A True Liberal Speaks his Mind

On Thu, 17 Aug 1995 BoomrWrtr@aol.com wrote:

> In the past week of talk show surfing I've heard (in alphabetical order) Pat-
> Buchanan, William F. Buckley, Mona Charon, Bob Dole, Jerry Falwell, Newt
>  Gingrich, Phil Gramm, Paul Harvey, Charlton Heston, James J. Kilpatrick, G. Gordon Liddy, Rush Limbaugh, Oliver North, Robert Novak, Pat Robertson,
> Phyllis Shlafley, John Sununu, and George Will rant that liberals propagate,
> manipulate, and dominate the media.  I haven't seen this kind of paranoia
> since hallucinogenic mushrooms fell out of fashion.

I think that liberals need to be proud of the label liberal. We should label the right the same way they have labeled us. Clinton is a good example of a liberal who has caved in to the right. Liberals need to stand firm on our values. We stand for equalizing the wealth, taking from the greedy rich and giving to the poor. We stand for promoting race and ender awareness, for persons of color and persons of alternate sexual preferences. We need to loudly promote these ideals. It is the "embarrassed liberals" who are destroying the liberal reputation. Too many liberals have tried to appease the right. Why? I ask you. Are we not the party of radical leftist values? I am disappointed to see liberals speaking of what a wonderful job Clinton has done. He is a wiffle waffler who tries to pander to every constituency possible. The only rightwing group he has not pandered to is the extremist NRA! Just wait, though, I bet they'll be next. I'm tired of hearing liberals speak of re-electing Clinton. It's time for new leadership, which doesn't compromise with the self-serving elitist Republican leadership in Congress. It's time to bring in a leader who STANDS STRONG, someone like the Rev. Jesse Jackson, or the Rev. Al Sharpton. I would be in full support if Representative Charlie Schumer were to run for president. Now there is a man who will stand up to the dangerous NRA and who really cares about our citizens and their safety.

I'm also tired of hearing about liberals pandering to Perot. What does this man stand for? Cutting spending! What are liberals doing supporting a man who wants to cut off our young unmarried women and let them drift into poverty and depression? Why are liberals even giving him the time of day? It is clearly time for Democratic liberals to stand up to the right and put them in their place--as far-out, rightwing elitist extremists.

WFB, ralexand@linknet.kitsap.lib.wa.us in a post to democrat-issues@cedar.cic.net

Some examples of left-wing terrorism

The Earth Liberation Front, a criminal environmental terrorist group, conducted arson attacks on a botany lab at the University of Washington and a tree farm in northwest Oregon. Firebombs simultaneously gutted the two facilities, causing millions of dollars in damage and destroying years of research (ironically, much of which was aimed at wetland restoration and endangered species protection).

Don't forget the Weather Underground, the SDS and the Unibomber.

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