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From: (RoadRuner)
Subject: Clinton Stages Campaign Stop!
Organization: University of Maryland College Park
Date: 16 Feb 1996 06:31:03 GMT
The Washington Times

If children in New Hampshire could cast ballots in the 1996 presidential election, they'd probably vote Republican.

We turn to a New Hampshire newspaper, the Concord Monitor, and an incredibly revealing story by staff writer Kent Fischer after President Clinton's campaign visit Friday to the Walker School. The headline of the story: "Event was staged down to tiny details"

We'll allow the reporter to give his own account of presidential politics, Clinton style:

"Like a Broadway play, every step, every cue and every word spoken during the 40 minute stop at the school was orchestrated," Mr. Fischer wrote. "Seventeen pieces of tape marked the places on the floor where the president and [teacher Steve] Rothenberg were to stop and talk as they walked around the classroom...
"Thursday night, many of Rothenberg's kids were at the school until 9pm, getting instruction from Clinton aides on where they were to sit and the types of things they were to say during the presidential visit.
"Tired and cranky after a long day of school and direction, some of the students wanted to go home. THEY CRIED WHEN CAMPAIGN STAFF SAID NO.
"'I wanted to go home but they wouldn't let me,' said student Sarah Seidensticker. "They said we had to keep practicing'... 'We're just bit actors,' one teacher said the night before Clinton arrived. 'They say this is for the kids, but it's not.'"

Clinton is such a scum-bag! were is the "Reality Check" on this? Can you imagine what the press would say if Dole, Forbes or Buchanan pulled something like this?


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