Cops forced to pose for Victim Disarmement photo ops!

From: (Dan White)
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Subject: Photo-Ops with Cops for gun control
Date: 16 May 1995 20:26:08 -0500

This seems to be timely with Clinton appearing with all of these police officers yesterday.

The May issue of The American Spectator has an article on the use of police officers during photo-ops for politicians supporting gun control. Apparently the rank and file police officers are paid and coerced into appearing and punished if they speak out against this coercion.

The best line in the article is a quote from a ten year veteran of the NY Police Department on police not generally supporting these liberal causes: "Liberal cops exist only on 'Cagney and Lacey'"

Regards, Dan

Photo-Op Cops by John A. Barnes
The American Spectator, May 1995, pg 50

Clinton and the Minneapolis Police Department:

Police chief asked for volunteers of off-duty police officers for photo-op with president. President shows up and there aren't enough police officers. Chief has to clean out "office rats" in headquarters to fill platform and use some of the president's security detail!

A 20 year veteran, Mike Sauro, claims he was fired for being outspoken about this and says: "There isn't a real street cop that I know of in Minneapolis who supports Clinton."

Lloyd Bentsen and Chuck Schumer: Assault Weapon Ban Photo-Op on Capitol Hill:

Bentsen and Schumer needed police for this and asked Chief Stover of Arlington, Va, for some officers. The chief asked for volunteers for an undefined "special detail" and said they would be paid overtime. It wasn't until they got to the Capitol that the officers knew how they were being used and many were "seething." But that didn't stop the CBS Evening News leading off with the event and declaring that "cops came to hate assault guns."

One police officer, Andrew Hays, did complain because county law prohibits its employees from engaging in political activity. He was later forced to resign. Another officer, John Donaggio, has filed suite against the chief for compelling him to "further a political cause against his will."

Killeen Texas (home of Luby's massacre)

15 year veteran police officer, John Chapman, was one of the first cops on the scene after the Luby's shooting. His commanders used the crime to build momentum for banning so-called assault weapons. "Even though my fellow officers and many of my superiors supported my stance [against banning assault weapons], my perception of them changed. There were some supervisors who made my life miserable for some time." Whenever Chapman spoke in public on the issue, he was forbidden by his department from identifying himself as a Killeen police officer.

Law Enforcement Allaince of America (LEAA)
Police officer group that supports the second amendment.

Clinton Administration's Actions

A white rookie police officer in New Jersey shot and killed a black 16-year-old suspected crack dealer who had been arrested for the first time when he was 8. The Clinton administration's response? It immediately dispatched a team of Justice Depart lawyers to investigate civil rights violations. As one New York City police officer acidly observed, "That tells you what they really think about cops."

Daniel White, Jr.
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