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"(Hillary's) most serious deficits are more personal than political. ... She is notoriously thin-skinned, and her stony aloofness makes Al Gore and Bill Bradley look like Cheech and Chong." -- Clarence Page writing on Hillary Rodham Clinton.
"The only reason for her to run for the Senate is to eventually run for president." -- CNBC's Chris Matthews
"Good news: Hillary Clinton is coming to New York to be our senator. They're saying now that she bought a house in Westchester. . . . It must have been very traumatic emotionally, because buying a house -- this is probably the first legal real estate deal she's been involved with." -- David Letterman, CBS "Late Show" 6/30/99
"LISTEN, HILLARY, GO HOME" -- A protester's sign that appeared in the background on the first day of Hillary Rodham Clinton's "listening" tour of New York state
"As a lifelong active liberal Democrat, I find the choice [between HRC & Mayor Giuliani] not difficult," "In all our campaigns, we were trying to work for decent and intelligent government. Neither Clinton can give us that. It is not in their character; and their hands are too dirty." -- Bartle Bull, a lawyer and writer who served as Robert F. Kennedy's New York City campaign manager in 1968, writes in an opinion piece published in the New York Post.
"And it started. [In] the New York Post today, a column, oh, I won't mention the woman who wrote it but it, it's like they're going after her already on day one: she exaggerates her accomplishments, she has a sense of grandeur, she is deluded, she bends the rules for herself, she has a narcissistic personality disorder. This is gonna get really, really rough." -- ABC’s Good Morning America co-host Charles Gibson to former Hillary Clinton aide Lisa Caputo, July 7, 1999.
"But George, you can hear the questions now: How did you feel about the President having sex with another woman in the White House while you're First Lady. How you're gonna be sitting in the Senate one day and you might have to judge a President about lying to the public et cetera, et cetera. The questions are gonna be brutal." -- ABC's Good Morning America co-host Charles Gibson to George Stephanopoulos, July 7, 1999
CNN anchor Bernard Shaw: "Now wait a minute now, this woman brings a lot of strength."
Newsday columnist Jimmy Breslin: "What strength?"
Shaw: "Don't you agree that she brings a lot of strength to what she is trying to do?"
Breslin: "No, I think that the strength comes from a lot of people on television or in newspapers that just write drivel."
-- CNN Inside Politics, July 8, 1999
"Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that [Hillary Clinton] a congenital liar."-- William Safire
"She's a Yankee,and many Arkansans are glad she may not come back to the state. You can't betray what you were never loyal to in the first place." -- Jerry Russell, a long-time Arkansas political consultant on Hillary Clinton.
"You stupid, stupid, stupid bastard. My God, Bill, how could you risk everything for that?" -- Hillary to Bill on his conduct with interns. Bill and Hillary: The Marriage
"Everyone is fed up with the creepy dynamics of this warped marriage. We have lost all hope of getting any shred of authenticity from either Bill or Hillary -- unless it's the authenticity of the deluded. They have chosen tactics over truth with such consistency that it's impossible to accept anything they say." -- New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd.
"Hillary loves Bill. And Bill loves Bill. It gives them something in common." -- Dick Morris
"Bill Clinton not only lacks fire in belly, but steel in the spine...He always sends Hillary out to do his dirty Work." -- Arkansas journalist Meredith Oakley during Clinton's 1990 campaign for Governor.
"Hillary is tougher and more disciplined than Bill is. And she's more analytical. Among his faults, he has a tendency not to think of the consequences of the things he says. I think she knows. She's got a a ten-second delay. If something comes to her mind she doesn't think will play right, she cuts it off before anyone knows she's thinking it." -- 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft
Hillary won a cookie backoff with First Lady Barbara Bush. Hillary's cookies were baked by a friend's cook.
"She is married to a fellow who believes that politics is all about turning enemies in to friends. Her attitude, friends say, is that enemies are enemies for life and should be consigned to the outer darkness, then vaporized." -- columnist Gloria Borger on Bill and Hillary Clinton.
"It is as if Bill Clinton looked us directly in the eye, and waggling his finger, said: 'I want you to listen to me. I never discussed clemency for terrorists with that woman, Ms. Clinton. Not a single time; never.' " -- New York Times columnist William Safire.

"Hillary's choice was not to know what she knew." -- Hillary's Choice by Gail Sheehy
"Hillary Clinton in an apron is like Michael Dukakis in a tank." --Political consultant Roger Ailes during the 1992 campaign
"It takes a child to raze a village."
"Bill and Hillary possess that rare blend of grade A Machiavellian caginess combined with the luck of a two-time Powerball winner" -- Dennis Miller
Hillary's gut political judgment is always the same: go for the jugular even when it's self-destructive. -- Dick Morris
"If I didn't kick Bill Clinton's ass every day, he wouldn't be worth anything." - HRC, Bloodsport pg 91
"If Reganomics works at all, Whitewater could become the western hemisphere's mecca." - HRC in a 1981 letter to Jim McDougal, Bloodsport
"She goes to state dinners with her lesbian friends,
Makes big investments with high dividends,
Forgets to pay taxes but then makes amends,
That's why the First Lady is a tramp."
-Don Imus
Exhibit 1:"The president has pursued a strategy of deceiving the American people and Congress since January 1998, delaying and impeding the criminal investigation for seven months and deceiving the American people and Congress in August 1998."
-- Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr, in a report to Congress accusing President Clinton of obstruction of justice, witness tampering, abuse of his presidential powers and perjury -- evidence that may constitute grounds for an impeachment.

Exhibit 2:"Impeachment should apply to those offenses which proceed from the misconduct of public men or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to society itself." -- Hillary Rodham and the Democratic staff of the House Judiciary Committee, 1974, quoting from Alexander Hamilton in one of the Federalist Papers.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Matt Lauer.
LAUER: Let me take you and your husband out of this for a second. Bill and Hillary Clinton aren't involved in this story. If an American president had an adulterous liaison in the White House and lied to cover it up, should the American people ask for his resignation?
HR CLINTON: Well, they should certainly be concerned about it.
LAUER: Should they ask for his resignation?
HR CLINTON: Well, I think that if all that were proven true, I think that would be a very serious offense.
Tart tongues are tittering about the lovefest Hillary Clinton enjoyed this week on the Rosie O'Donnell show. The two wore nearly identical dark pant suits, and the hefty hostess kept referring to her guest affectionately as "Hill."...Time magazine [is] preparing to anoint Hillary -- who's already on the cover of Vogue -- as its Person of the Year. And yesterday, Hillary was back on TV on Today giving Katie Couric a tour of the white House Christmas decorations. The Horndog-in-Chief barely got a word in edgewise. When Couric asked what they were thankful for this year, Hillary said, "We're healthy, and we're sill here to do the job we were sent here to do." Notice the use of the word "we." -- Page Six, New York Post, December 10, 1998
Give Hillary a few billion, she'll invest us out of the deficit.
"The greed of the 1980s can be summed up in two words: Cattle Futures!"
First Lady Hillary Clinton commenting on the release of subpeonaed documents

"I'm not going to have some reporters pawing through our papers. We are the president."

James B. Stewart - Blood Sport:The President and His Adversaries

"I have to confess that it's crossed my mind that you could not be a Republican and a Christian." - First "Co-President" Lady Hillary R. Clinton, source: Richmond Times-Dispatch, page A-10, March 1, 1997
"When the [former Director of Management and Administration David] Watkins memo contradicted Mrs. Clinton's account of the travel office firings, Fabiani told reporters that 'her statements are true and his are false.' Fabiani said he arrived at this conclusion without independently verifying the statements and without interviewing Mrs. Clinton or Watkins." -- (Los Angeles Times, 2/2/96)
If [Hillary Clinton's New York state] Listening Tour had been any further scripted, it would have to have been registered with the Writers Guild.
"According to a new poll, 67% of men would love to have Hillary Clinton as a wife. Well, sure, look what you could get away with." -- Jay Leno
"I think for me, the sickest and scariest kind of rage is the Hillary Clinton kind of rage. You know, the perpetual permafrost smile she wears that's hiding a well of fury deeper than Barry White's voice during a bout of pneumonia." -- Dennis Miller
"What can you say about Hillary Clinton that hasn't already been muttered under somebody else's breath?" -- Dennis Miller
"The independent counsel concludes that Mrs. Clinton's sworn testimony that she had no input into [presidential aide David] Watkins' decision or role in the travel-office firings is factually inaccurate." -- Independent Counsel Robert Ray's official assessment of the credibility of Hillary Rodham Clinton's testimony under oath.
HRC started her term in the Senate by missing her first vote.
"So her route to glory and heroism lie not in the accommodations that would make her a good senator, but in obnoxious overstatement of the sort she indulged in this weekend." -- New York Post Columnist John Podhoretz, March 2001
"No one should have to leave their hometown, their families and their roots to find a good job in America." -- HRC, Floor of the US Senate, March 1, 2001
"When the Senate overwhelmingly confirmed Viet Dinh and Michael Chertoff as assistant attorneys general, Mrs. Clinton cast the only vote against either man. Were her reasons serious, or spiteful? You decide. Both men were lawyers with the Senate Whitewater Committee." -- Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal, 5/29/2001
"Anyone who gets his or her political news primarily from the New York Times (which made the ethically challenged carpetbagger Hillary a senator) is a fool." -- Camille Paglia
"[Hillary Clinton] cannot defend her own rights against her husband. How can she defend the rights of my country?" -- General Suhaila Siddiq, Afghanistan's only woman general, a surgeon, hospital director and heroine to a generation of young women who remained in the country, The [London] Times, WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 28 2001
"Since when do we raise taxes in a recession? This is the most irresponsible idea Senator Clinton has come up with since her attempt to nationalize America's health care system in 1993." -- Former New York Republican Rep. Jack Kemp, co-director of Empower America, condemning Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's call for a tax increase on NBC's Meet the Press.
"Our challenge is much more pervasive than it would be if we were just facing one enemy in one place. [Instead there is] the Middle East, Iraq, North Korea, Iran. There's a relatively long list that we believe are linked to the al Qaeda network in the Philippines, in Indonesia and in Yemen and other places. That makes it very clear that this is a global network." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, borrowing a page from President Bush's "axis of evil" speech, during a weekend address in Dix Hills, N.Y.
"As women and as lawyers, we must never again shy from raising our voices against sexual harassment." - Hillary Rodham Clinton, at a 1992 American Bar Association luncheon praising Anita Hill.
King Hillary, the Balls of the Imperial Clinton White House
"...when President Clinton went into Kosovo, he didn't have Security Council authorization." -- Senator Hillary Clinton, Sept. 15, 2000, Meet the Press
"My husband may have his faults, but he has never lied to me." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton, "Living History", page 465
"At a minimum Hillary was Bill's defender and sexual enabler. At maximum, she was actually a co-abuser of these exploited women she should have defended as her feminist sisters." -- The Hillary Blitz, By Lowell Ponte, | June 10, 2003
Two first ladies got together for a chat on national network television last night, one of them the former first lady of the land and the other the reigning first lady of network news. It was by no means a contest, but Barbara Walters came away from it looking better than Hillary Rodham Clinton, the celebrated interviewee.
By "better," I think what I mean is "more recognizably human." -- Tom Shales, Washington Post, Monday, June 9, 2003; Page C01
"I felt so sorry for Hillary. Even though I'd fallen in love with Bill - and wanted to have his love child - I knew in my heart that he was just a lowdown horndog who couldn't keep his pants zipped." -- Monica Lewinsky to biographer Andrew Morton (Source: New York Post).
Mrs. Clinton's a postmodern wife
In responding to marital strife:
She'll stand by her man
As long as she can,
'Cause it's better than "20 to Life."
-- F.R. Duplantier
"Isn't it amazing that the very same people who believe Saddam never had weapons of mass destruction also believe that Hillary found out the truth about Monica only two days before Bill Clinton's grand jury testimony?" -- Mona Charen
"But [Hillary Clinton] can't even give a speech. She has no ability to interact with people in a spontaneous way." -- Camille Paglia
"However, it says something unflattering about our era that prominent political figures--who used to write declarations of independence, preambles to constitutions, Gettysburg addresses, and such--now use the alphabet only to make primitive artifacts, like the letter-inscribed tablet that Charlemagne is said to have put under his pillow each night, in the hope he'd wake up literate. Conservatives, including most of the Founding Fathers, have always worried that the price of a democratic system would be a mediocre nation. But George Washington and William F. Buckley Jr. put together could not have foreseen, in their gloomiest moments, the rise of Clinton-style über-mediocrity--with its soaring commonplaces, its pumped trifling, its platinum-grade triviality. The Alpha-dork husband, the super-twerp wife, and the hyper-wonk vice president--together with all their mega-weenie water carriers, such as vicious pit gerbil George Stephanopoulos and Eastern diamondback rattleworm Sidney Blumenthal--spent eight years trying to make America nothing to brag about." -- P.J O'Rourke on HRC's book
"Boring others is a form of aggression, and Hillary attacks her public with the weapon of brutal dullness." -- P.J O'Rourke on HRC's book
After listening to Jiang Zemin explain that the Tibetans had been liberated by the Chinese, Hillary concludes, "I don't think Jiang . . . was being quite straight with me on Tibet."
Babba Wawa: "Ann, I bet you've never seen two women getting it on in public, have you?"
Ann Coulter: (about a six second pause) "Actually, Barbara, I watched the Catie Couric/Hillary Clinton interview (also ABC) yesterday morning so, yes, I have seen two women getting it on in public."
"We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society." [Hillary Clinton, 1993].....
"Hillary Clinton, like her husband, both have said, 'We know what goes on in the White House, we've been there. We know how things work.' So I think it's very telling she assumes right off the bat that there is a cover up," -- said Cheri Jacobus.
"Communist Party cadres should study the speeches of Hillary Clinton because she offers a very good example of the skills of propaganda. Her sentences are short and stimulating. That's why she gets a lot of applause. But Chinese people have a habit of giving long speeches in which the sentences are long and tedious." -- Yu Quanyu, director of the Chinese Academy of Social Studies, in Ideological and Political Work Studies.
"In truth, Hillary is just one of a group of supremely powerful women, some of whom have learned to expertly play the victim card for their own benefit, others who peddle victimization and fear in order to influence you..." -- longtime Ladies Home Journal editor in chief Myrna Blyth
Did you hear what the troops were calling the Sikorsky Blackhawk which Hillary used to tour Iraq? "Broomstick One"
That scowl! Did someone forget their botox this week or has Slick Willy been soiling some young girls' dress again?
I suppose it does take a village to keep her husband satisfied. -- Moxie on HRC
No sooner did President Bush detail his vision for space travel, including a manned Mars mission, and the GOP Shoppe produced a button with a picture of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and the words: "Why Can't We Send a Woman to Mars!"
"The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something theyre not." -- Hillary Clinton, 1992 60 Minutes interview
I believe we have a new defination of chutzpah:
"Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York urged marchers to vote in big numbers on Nov. 2 to evict an administration 'filled with people who disparage sexual harassment laws.'"--from an Associated Press dispatch on Sunday's anti-Pro-Life march, April 26
"But the truth is that Hillary Clinton owes her charisma not to her accomplishments but to her role as the diva in one of the most bizarre political soap operas ever." -- Maureen Dowd, 07/19/98
"We're going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good." -- Hillary Rodham Clinton
After the 1992 election, as Barbara Bush gave Hillary Rodham Clinton a tour of the White House she pointed to nearby reporters and told her successor: "Avoid this crowd like the plague."
"The only real model for a Hillary presidency is that of Richard Nixon. Like Nixon, Hillary hides a personality driven by paranoia, fear, and hatred for enemies, and a willingness to get even and do what it takes to prevail, behind a sencerity and good nature." -- Long time Clinton advisor Dick Morris, Rewriting History
"Morning briefing. Love it when you look in someone's eyes & see cold naked fear. My staff is getting bigger than J-Lo's ass, but it takes a village..." -- Jeff channelling HRC
"Senator Clinton couldn't be acquainted with the truth if she found it sitting underneath some billing records in the White House residence." -- Dave
"The only conspiracy that existed during impeachment time was Bill and Hillary's attempt to hide the truth." -- Edward Klein
"I think Elizabeth Moynihan, Senator Moynihan's wife, had it right when she told me that Hillary is "duplicitous." Hillary acts as though she is chosen by God, and that gives her the right to use any means to justify her ends." -- Edward Klein
Like Nixon, Hillary is paranoid and has an enemies list.
Like Nixon, Hillary has used FBI files against her enemies.
Like Nixon, Hillary believes that the ends justify the means.
Like Nixon, Hillary has a penchant for doing illegal things. -- Edward Klein
"Hillary Clinton's opportunistic attempt to market herself as a centrist is like a wolf dressing up in sheep's clothing."
Hillary Clinton alleges that President Bush has an Alfred Neuman, "What, me worry?" attitude towards pressing issues of the day.
This is rather interesting for her to say, given that she is the wife of a President who fiddled for eight years while terrorists gathered to attack us.
-- Alexander K. McClure
"In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapon stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members. It is clear, however, that if left unchecked Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons." -- Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002
"The intelligence which the president shared with us was in line with what we saw in the White House." -- Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, 2003
Hillary Clinton supports the right of thirteen-year-old girls to have abortions without parental consent -- yet she forbade thirteen-year-old Chelsea to pierce her ears and enrolled her in a school that would not distribute condoms to minors.
"I understand why Hillary wants to run for President, but does it have to be of THIS country? I mean, why can't she just do like the last time: move somewhere she's never lived and run THERE?" -- The America Show
"Is Hillary Stalinova Clinton really a lesbian? Or was that wishful thinking on our part?" -- Leslie Bates
"She probably wasn't one before marrying Bill. Can you blame her for switching teams after that chucklehead?" -- Xardos
"Another problem Hillary has is her complete incompetence when it comes to public policy. Back in Arkansas, when her husband was misruling that state, Hillary was placed in charge of education and, perhaps as a result, students in Arkansas performed just about the worst in the country. Undeterred, when Bill slicked his way into the the Oval Office, Hillary found herself in charge of health care reform and proceeded to make a mess of it. Knowing that the country would not stand for a Canadian style, Stalinist health care system, Hillary tried to arrive at it from the side with a complicated, almost impossible to fathom system that would have been so unworkable that people would have thrown up their hands and accepted ones medicine being doled out by the same folks who run the IRS and the Department of Motor Vehicles. Fortunately the embryonic new media took measure of the proposal and it collapsed eventually of its own weight just before the Gingrich Revolution in 1994." -- Mark Whittington
"I just don't have any memory of that." -- Hillary Clinton (When that Watkins memo showed up revealing that she had ordered the Travel Office firings.)
"[She] has a different memory." -- Mike McCurry, referring to Hillary Rodham Clinton in regards to the Watkins Memo.
"So, I need to roll over one more time..." -- Webster Hubbell to his wife Suzanna, in regards to protecting Hillary Rodham Clinton from prosecution for over-billing clients at the Rose Law Firm
"[W]e both knew that there would be hell to pay if...we failed to take swift and decisive action in conformity with the First Lady's wishes." David Watkins, expressing Hillary's demands that the travel office staff be fired in spite of the FBI finding no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the travel office employees.
"She is a political coward. She goes around pandering to powerful interest groups on the one hand and flattering general audiences on the other. She doesn't even have the minimal political fortitude of her husband." -- Ralph Nader on HRC
"Remember this whenever you read or hear a "Media Matters" clarification, re-interpretation of an event, or news report. Media Matters is all about clearing a path for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and doing the job she hasn't the guts to do herself." -- Bob Parks
Hillary Clinton - Just like your ex-wife - only bitchier!
"In other news, Hillary Clinton is apparently listening to Sandy Berger on foreign policy. Like I need another reason to consider her a scary bitch whom I wouldn't vote for if the other candidate was Satan." -- Just a Decurion
"Mrs. Clinton's shrill campaign continues to cast her as Nixon to Mr. Obama's Kennedy." -- Frank Rich
"Hillary's first instinct when in an embarrassing spot is to lie" -- Stuart Taylor
I must have missed that part of MLK's speech: "I have a dream! A dream that one day little white Yale law school grads can run for high political office with the benefit of millions in shady campaign contributions." -- Delicious snark from Tamara K
When told Hillary Clinton has experience because she has 8 years in the white house, Dick Morris stated "so has the pastry chef".
"Forget all her little gold crosses: Hillary's real god is political expediency. Do Americans truly want this hard-bitten Machiavellian back in the White House? Day one will just be more of the same." -- Camille Paglia
"Obama is audaciously hopeful; [Hillary Rodham] Clinton is audaciously shameless." -- Rich Lowry, National Review
"Saying that Hillary has Executive Branch experience is like saying Yoko Ono was a Beatle."
"Health care is too expensive, so the Clinton administration is putting a high-powered coporate lawyer -- Hillary -- in charge of making it cheaper. (This is what I always do when I want to spend less money -- hire a lawyer from Yale.) If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it's free." -- P.J. O'Rourke
"The male staff who Hillary attracts are slick, geeky weasels or rancid, asexual cream puffs." -- Camille Paglia
"We have a right to...disagree with any administration!" -- Hillary Rodham Clinton
"I would never vote for Hillary Clinton; Hillary Clinton is Obama in a dress." -- Mark Levin, 13 August 2013
"What difference does clown masks make?" -- a unprobable, but logically consistant, response that HRC will never make.
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