Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

Anousheh Karaauukinenshir

Anousheh Karaauukinenshir -- Human Martial Artist
Race: Human Solomani-Vilani Mix
6th Level Martial Artist
Experience: 17,300
Age: 26

Str: 14 +2
Dex: 16 +3
Con: 14 +2
Int: 16 +3
Edu: 15 +2
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 15 +2
Soc: 13 +1

Lifeblood: 15   Stamina: 46
165cm (5' 5") 58kg (128#); Short black hair, brown eyes, skin: dark tan,Age 26
6th Level Martial Artist (O2) XP: 17,300 Next Level - 21,000
Homeworld: Rikhani Cr100,250

Languages: : Galanglic (NT), Vilani, Irilitok (a Vargr language), and Sopas, the native language of the Sydites
Prior History

Term 1: Martial Artist - Competition; E2, 4000 XP Bonus -> 4th level

Term 2: Martial Artist - Security Work; Commission; O3 Cr100,000 bonus -> 6th level

Muster Out: TAS, +1 Chr, weapon



Tumble 7
Balance 9
Pilot 2
Move Silently 9
Hide 4
Jump 7
Intimidate 7
Listen 6
Bluff 5
Spot 6
Leader 3
T/Computer 0
Liaison 1
K/Homeworld 0
Gambling 1
K/Anatomy 0


Anousheh Karaauukinenshir was born and raised on Rikhani, a high tech garden world near the Solomani Rim. Her parents both work at Clancey University, one of the largest and most respected institutes of higher learning in the sub-sector. Her father is a professor of mathematics and a coach for the fencing team. Her mother works for the school administration.

She grew up on campus. She spent her childhood studying several martial arts, instead of dance or riding like her mother wanted her to. She further annoyed her mother by turning down an athletic scholarship and went into martial arts full time. She did well enough in the sparring competitions, both point, and full contact, but lacked, or never bothered to cultivate, the sense of showmanship needed to win at open forms competition at a planetary level.

After a few years of knocking around the competition circuit, she was offered a job with the largest private security agency on Rikhani. They wanted bodyguards that didn't look like bodyguards. Anousheh fit the bill. She was a young, attractive female who also had good close quarter combat skills. After completing the agency's firearms training program, she started work. The work was fun for while, but got boring after a few years. This was despite the very nice bonuses she collected from both her employer and her clients. Now that she has some cash in the bank, she's freelancing and looking for adventure.

Anousheh's fighting style is brutal and direct. She likes to close in with kicks and finish up with knee strikes and brutal hand and elbow strikes. She is also a skilled grappler isn't afraid to go to the ground to tie up and finish up an opponent. She evens the odds against larger opponents with things like brass knuckles, plain & stunfist, and collapsible batons. She is not bad with a knife or sword, but she prefers firearms. Pistols or shotguns are her favorite.

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