Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

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This is the home of a Traveller (T20) PBEM game, with the current title of Pulp Hunters.

It is to be a pulp style adventure. Think of Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, and Relic Hunter.
Here is a new look for the sourcebook.

The following are the games characters:
Sir Jace Pedersen
, a minor Imperial Noble and historian searching for the truth in the past.
Boris Luchenko. A former Solomani Confederation Marine on the wrong side of the front. Rat Pic
"The Rat"
.A technician to keep all the gear running. His name is Bill Spruance, but he answers to "The Rat"
Kat Cross
Dr. Katrina Cross
, The ship's Doctor, out to see the Galaxy (well this part of one spiral arm) and trying to keep us alive.

Captain "Mad Dog" Mitchell, IN, ret.
Anousheh Karaauukinenshir, Sir Jace's companion.
Kkriger'dakonar Ka Torik'azaran
, also known as Kriger. This Vargr spent some time in the Imperial Navy and on merchant ships.
Woof Woof!
Dr. Gwerf
, another Vargr, An expert on xeno-biology.
Woof Woof Woof!
, a former ethically challenged merchant.

Sir Jace is the GM's NPC. The rest are player characters.
He has a 200 ton former Scout called the Hidalgo.

NPCs of Note:

Inactive or retired characters:

Character Generation notes:
Straight T20 character generation please. No House Rule specials (at least not without checking with the GM first).

As for gear, any non-mil spec material upto TL C should be available during character generation.
If want mil-spec gear (except for laser rifles & ACRs as mustering out benefits), or anything over TL C, please check with the GM first.
The Imperium is just starting to reach TL F in year 1000. For all practical purposes, the players aren't going to see any TL F gear.
If you want to use some piece of Gear from another Traveller version, that isn't listed in T20, please check with the GM first. Having said that...
Here are my House Rules:

The Adventure starts on the world of Rikhani, in the Libert Subsector of the Diaspora Sector. This is a rich, agricultural world. Humans can walk it's surface without any artificial aid. It is also home to an Imperial Navy Base, and the well respected Clancy University.

A brief stop was made on Medellian, before proceeding to Mixem. An inhabitable world, with a Class C Starport, a Law Level of Zero and has recently barely reached TL 9.

The adventure begins early in Year 1000, the tide of the Rim War is turning against the Solomani Confederation, but the war is still a black hole for soph-power and material.
The Front is moving Rimward, but have been rumors of Solomani Raiders operating in Imperial terroritory.

This PBEM game is hosted by Traveller Central.
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