Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

Dr. Katrina Cross

trading cardDr. Katrina Cross, "Doc"
Player: Bonni Feltz

Solomani (pure blood)
Homeworld: TBA
STR: 14
DEX: 16
CON: 14
INT: 18
EDU: 16
WIS: 13
CHA: 15
SOC: 12

BAB: +1
BFB: +2
BRB: +3
BWB: +6

age 33
Experience: 23,000 [next 28,000]
6th level Professional
1st level Traveller

Stamina: 40
Lifeblood: 14



Term 1: University, BS in Xeno Biology Graduated with Honors
Term 2: University, MS in Xeno Biology Graduated with Honors
Term 3: University, M.D Graduated with Honors
Term 4: Professional Prior History, corporate Service. Commission.
Term 5: Travellor Prior History, Government Service.



Credits: 62,841 (from mustering out from professional and traveler)
Material benefits:

Description: Katrina Cross looks her 34 years. Her red, butt length, wavy hair is devoid of any grey hair, but she feels that might change as she is just starting out traveling the universe. Her 5' 5" height sometimes is a disadvantage sometimes, but not in the med bay. In the med bay, she rules supreme. Her hair color should give the argumentative patient a clue to her attitude in the med bay, she may be 5'5", but her green eyes will narrow and the patient might find himself on the receiving end of a dressing down few hard core military people will win. She can, on the other hand, be seen also to try and charm the patient into proper medical treatment first.

The Next Adventure:
Checking her baggage, Doc looked serenely around her. She had finished a working passage aboard a Free Trader and was looking forward to signing on with another ship. One thing she learned quickly was that everybody sooner or later needed a doctor.
Glancing one last time in the mirror, she feels ready to begin her next adventure. She lovingly smooths down the black leather jumpsuit which she likes to travel in and slips her dagger into its sheath. Storing the rest of her luggage and gear in a locker, she awaits her turn for permission to enter the port. Just her luck, she went through the one line that the actual port official "read" the passes. After seeing that she was a doctor and waiting for him to tell her of "his ailments", she is finally cleared. Doc takes a deep breath and heads off to indulge in one of her few vices...getting a good (hopefully) cup of coffee.

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