Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

Montezgvegh, or Montez

trading cardMontezgvegh
Player: Matt Ashley

Suedzuk Vargr
Homeworld: Thamber
STR: 9
DEX: 18
CON: 11
INT: 16
EDU: 17
WIS: 11
CHA: 16
SOC: 9
Prestige: 5

Base numbers:

age 30
Experience: 17,000 [next level 21,000]
6th level character, Mercenary 1/Traveller 2/Navy 4
162cm 58 kg

Stamina: 18
Lifeblood: 12

Homeworld, Gaazveghak: Ni Po De TL-C Starport A


Skills (base rank):
Credits: 68,000

Montezgvegh is a slender Vargr of average height and weight. He has reddish-brown fur, a prominent muzzle, large expressive ears and a black tipped brush.
Looks like a Chow with a longer snout.

Montezgvegh, or Montez as he likes to be called (but not Monty!) wears a set of baggy, red pants, yellowish leather boots and a plaid shirt green/yellow/orange/ purple). Over this he normally wears a battered Tukera flight jacket that is liberally adorned with shiny badges, bright patches and gold braid. Where law level permits he typically has a sub pistol slung low on one hip and an auto pistol on the other. A set of stylish sunglasses sets off this Vargr ensemble.


Montezgvegh was born far to rimward in the Vargr on a barren, outpost world. A red-furred Suedzuk Vargr, his pack was looked on with suspicion by the local vargr and humans. Montez joined the local naval militia to seek higher status and escape the local racism. Although Montez was assigned to the flight section, the limited opportunities patrolling the local systems simply did not provide him with the opportunity to advance his prestige and he deserted after a few years to join a corsair band.

Montez honed his leadership and prestige during his stint as a corsair and served in several important roles in a medium sized band as it worked its way rimward though the Julian Protectorate. Unfortunately, a major change in leadership in the band resulted in a significant loss of prestige and he struck out as a loner.

When he left the corsair band, Montez abandoned his previous name and took up the name of a famous vargr explorer and artist, Montezgvegh Gvuzgh. The original was famed as an explorer in the Vargr Extents and the first vargr to contact the K'kree. This name change represented a clean break from his past. Montez took up painting to further follow in his patron's footsteps.

The Imperium to the spinward was fighting a major war with the Solomani and Montez scented the potential for loot and prestige. He spent several years working his way to rimward towards the fighting looking for opportunity. After a run-in with the captain of a tramp freighter he is planetside racing his grav bike and looking for the next opportunity for adventure.

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