Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM


The adventure starts on the planet Rikhani, which is in the Libert Subsector of the Diaspora Sector A lush, garden world that has recently acheived a tech base of E in the game year of 1000.
Rikhani was originally colonized during the 1st Imperium. It was absorbed by the Rule of Man and survived the Long Night.
Currently, the local government is very suportive of the Imperium.

There is an Imperial Navy base on planet. This consists of a rather large downport and highport complex. This is an A rated military starport, capable of not only repairing starships, but also building them from scratch.
The major commerical downport on planet is named LeBlanc Memorial Downport. It is located near the capital city of Beetleburg (translated loosely from the Vilani). LeBlanc Memorial is also an A rated starport.
There are several smaller downports on the planet, but these are little more than landing pads with minimal facilities.

Located near the capital city is the very well respected Clancy University. This the finest university in the subsector and widely regarded in the Sector as well.

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