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Karl Steiner

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Karl Steiner

With Official Background

Player: Chris Brungardt Stamina: 65
Race: Solomani Life Blood: 16
Level: 5th Lvl Army/3rd Lvl Rogue Speed: 9m
Experience: 29000 Homeworld: DeLoPop, Starport B, TL 10
Age: 34 Languages: Galanglic
Height: 185 cm/ 6'1
Weight: 103 kg / 226 lbs

Base Statistics

Strength 16(+3) Dexterity 16(+3) Constitution 16(+3) Intelligence 16(+3)
Wisdom 12(+1) Charisma 16(+3) Education 11(+0) Soc Standing 8(-1)

Saving Throws Base Ability Bonus Total Attack Rolls Total Base Dex Misc.
Fort(con) +2 +3 +5 Initiative +7 +0 +3 +4
Ref(dex) +7 +3 +10 Attack +8 +5 +3 +0
Will(wis) +2 +1 +3

Armor Class Base Armor Type & Rating Dex Bonus Max Dex Bonus
13 10 None +3
17 10 Flack Vest +4 +3 +6


Grav Vehicle Armor (Light) Armor (Med) Armor (Vac Suit)
Conceptions (Underworld) Weapon Prof (Marksman) Weapon Prof (Combat Rifleman) Weapon Prof (Swordsman)
Brawling Command Presence Tactics I Spot Trouble
Carousing Smuggling Improved Initiative Weapon Prof (Laser)


Bluff - 2 Bribery - 3 Combat Engineering -5 Demolitions - 5
Forgery - 1 Forward Observer - 3 Gambling - 6 Gather Information - 6
Hide - 2 Innuendo - 1 Intimidate -3 Intuit Direction - 1
Leader - 4 Liaison - 2 Listen - 3 Move Silently - 5
Navigation - 1 Pilot - 1 Professional Admin - 4 Search - 4
Sense Motive - 3 Spot - 5 Survival - 3 Technical (Communications) - 1
Tech. (Computer)-1 Tech. (Engineering) - 1 Technical (Medical) - 2

Career History

Term: 1 Army Assignment: Garrison Promotion: Corporal
Decoration: None Bonus XP: 1000 (basic training) Total XP: 5000
Term: 2 Army Assignment: Counter Insurgency Promotion: 2nd Lieutenant
Decoration: Purple Heart Bonus XP: 2000 Total XP: 14000
Term: 3 Rogue Assignment: Free Lancing Promotion: None
Decoration: None Bonus XP: 3000 Total XP: 21000
Term: 4 Rogue Assignment: Smuggling Promotion: None
Decoration: None Bonus XP: 3000 Total XP: 28000

Mustering Out Benefits

Army: Cr20,000 High Passage +1 Intel
Rogue: Cr30,000 +1 Intel Cr10,000

Item Cost Mass
ACR with Electronic Telesocpic Sight 3500
6 Mags for ACR * 90 1800
Auto-Pistol 10mm w/pistol belt & holster 200 750
2 Mags for Auto Pistol 30 100
Blade (Bowie Knife)* 50 150
2 Smoke Grenades* 20 4000
Flack Vest* 100 1000
Assault Vest worn over flack vest (Holds * marked Equipment) 100 1000
Dagger 10 250
Percomm 250 300
Personal MedKit 15000
Basic Supplies for Med Kit (refill) 500
Space Watch 100
Goggles LI/IR 1250 250
Backpack 45
Duffel Bag 45
Handcuffs 15
Extra set clothing -
Work coveralls -


Karl is fairly representative of the typical Solomani. He stands 185cm(6'1) and has a good solid build with a mass of 103 Kg (226lbs). He keeps his light brown hair short. Not nearly as close cropped as it was during his service in the Solomani Security Forces. But keeping it short is a habit he picked up during his years in the service. His eyes are a deep blue. He tends to dress in subdued tones. No need to draw attention to one's self. However, his clothes are well close fitting and well tailored.


Karl Steiner was raised on a backwater planet near the rim. His parents, while they worked hard, were never quite able to provided everything they wanted for their large family. His school days were informative but troubled. Try as he did Karl could never applied himself to his studies. His time occupied with sports, friends, and girls He could wait till his first opportunity to jump off the rock his parents called home.

During the summer following his graduation while mired in boredom Karl was caught up in patriotic fervor. The year was 984, hostilities were increasing between the Solomani and the Imperium. The government redoubled their recruiting efforts and Karl was swept along with others into the World Defense Forces.

Following his Infantry training Karl was assigned to garrison duty on a remote part of his home planet. His time was taken up with field exercises and drill & ceremony. Not quite what he thought the Army would be, but he still gained a slight promotion to corporal. Still having no direction Karl thought things could be worse and he reenlisted in the Army. Hostilities begun shortly, the Solomani Confederation reasserted it control over long lost territories. Karl and his Unit had been involved in minor skirmishes until is planet was overran and occupied by the Solomani. Steiner was now one of many refugees.

Finding himself out of employment. Steiner evaluated his business opportunities. Noting war time economies and shortages, Karl and his new found associates decided to aid in lessening the hardships. Black-markets and underworld activities were wide spread. Karl's new calling was second nature. He spent several years limiting the effect of the black-market and hunting down thiefs and returning their stolen goods. As he built his skills he was recruited to pitch in with Janice Grillo and her crew. She specialized in transporting valuable goods a very profitable business if you can avoid piracy. His duties were to serve as security and track down leads to possible pirate rings. Steiner's leads lead him to Rikhani.

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