Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

The Rat

trading cardCharacter: Bill Spruance (The Rat)
Player: Megan Robertson Mixed Race Human (albino)

Str - 9 -1
Dex - 15 +2
Con - 8 -1
Int - 18 +4
Wis - 15 +2
Cha - 10 +0
Edu - 16 +3
Soc - 11 +0

Stamina - 19

BAB +2
Fortitude Save +0
Reflex Save +3
Will Save +3
Defence Bonus +3

XP: 8750 (4th Level) [next 10,000]
1st level Belter/3rd Level Navy
Cash: Cr1000

Language: Galanglic

Homeworld - High Tech 2, Na Ni Ast Va



They call me The Rat.

Some people say it's because I'm small and get into nooks and crannies.
Some people put it down to my being an albino. Some say it's just because I am curious about absolutely everything.

Sometimes if they use my right name (Bill Spruance) I don't realize it's me they are talking to...

My parents were in the orbital habitat construction business. They worked on most of the main installations in the sub-sector. Moved around a lot, learned more by watching and taking things apart than by formal schooling - heck, most places I called 'home' were a bit of pressure just big enough for sleeping and eating, while my parents were out in vacc suits working all day.

I said 'were' - just a few weeks ago, there was an accident. Still not sure what happened. Main spine of a new habitat buckled - just snapped in 3 places simultaneously. We couldn't find Dad. Mum went out to look, on and on with minimal rest. Then Dad turned up - he'd been flung off the structure and picked up by a trader. By then we couldn'd find Mum. Still haven't - but I keep dreaming, seeing her screaming goodbye.

Anyway, when I grew up, I did the usual. Got into the Navy, bit of a chequered career... good appraisals for my work, but never did get the hang of this wearing uniform and formations and stuff. Picked up anything I could about propulsion, Jump, sensors... just about anything except weapons. They didn't interest me in the slightest, never have.

I left the Navy 3 months ago. Came home a roundabout route, tracked down where my parents were working and took off to visit with them.

Then came the accident. Dad is in an institution. They don't know how long for - perhaps for ever if Mum doesn't turn up.

Guess I'd better find something to do now. Anyone want a guy who can fix anything?

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