Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

Boris Luchenko

Boris Luchengko (Solomani Confederation Marines, Ret'd)
Level: 5th Lvl Marine/1st Lvl Traveller/1st Lvl Rogue Speed: 9m

Experience: 22000 Homeworld: Earth, Sol, St Petersburg

Age: 33 Languages: Galanglic

Height: 195 cm/ 6'4

Weight: 105 kg / 230 lbs

Strength 17
Dexterity 18
Constitution 17
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 11
Education 13
Social Standing 9

Stamina: 67
Lifeblood: 17


Demo 6
Pilot- GV 5
Sense Motive 5
Spot 4
Survival 4
Tech (Computer) 6
Tech (Electrical) 6
Tech (Engineering) 6
Tech (Mechanical) 6
Tech (Comms) 5


Boris is tall and strong beneath his well worn work clothes. His eyes look at everyone with the same suspicion. It looks as if he has not smiled for years, if ever. Dirt beneath his fingernails and calluses scars on his hands mark him as a blue collar worker of some type. His black hair is cut very short beneath a battered hat that has seen better days. An old worn cutlass and pistol are carried as if they are a part of him. You can tell right away, he does not seem to like you. He carries two large bags as if they are all he owns. Perhaps they are.


Boris Luchenko, born in St Petersburg in old Russia on Terra has both come along way and not gone far. His travels among the stars while in the Solomani Marines and after have brought him far from home. Machines are in his blood as they have been for generations before him. Mechanical and electronic things seem to like him and he can do things with them naturally that most people take many years to learn if ever.

When there came one too many times in trouble( drinking, gambling, fighting and more ), the Marines made it clear that when his second term was up he should look elsewhere for employment. Taking his skills to the highest bidder he became a corporate security agent doing things that needed doing. Too many jobs as an expendable agent and he got out before the odds caught up. Then he met up with a couple other unscrupulous individuals and they saw a use for his skills. He thought that 30,000 credits was a good payday until he learned that the rest of the group got away with millions. And then they left him out here in Impie space on some useless hunk of rock. Now what?

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