Pulp Hunters

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House Rules

Character Generation

Straight T20 character generation please.

Class skills are for the class you are currently in. Once you switch classes, then you have the class & cross class skills for the new class.
Also expect some mods on the Sydite.

Remember that T20 uses DEX for the melee modified, instead of STR, as in most other D20 games.
In cases where strength is the obvious modifier (typically broad/great sword, mace, axe, etc.), I'll use STR.
Of course, there will be some exceptions, based on the person making the attack, their skills/feats, the type of attack, etc.


As for gear, any non-mil spec material upto TL C should be available during character generation.
If want mil-spec gear (except for laser rifles & ACRs as mustering out benefits), or anything over TL C, please check with the GM first.
If you want to use some piece of Gear from another Traveller version, that isn't listed in T20, please check with the GM first. Having said that...
I will accept the following items:

MilSpec Weapons

Weapons considered Military Spec are restricted. Please check with GM if you want one of these.
Here is an incomplete list of MilSpec weapons: Things that are not considered MilSpec Weapons:

Snub Pistols & Snub SMGs

The snub pistol is described in Book 4 as "...low velocity revolver...fires 10mm, 7 gram bullets at velocities of 100 to 150 mps."
"Standard rounds: tranquilizer round, gas round, HE round, High Explosive Shaped Charge"

The standard stats don't fit that description, so...we'll use a modified Snub weapon that does.
Snub pistols (both revolvers and semi-automatic versions) use a caseless round that files a 10mm projectile, massing approximately 7 grams, at a muzzle velocity of about 130mps. This generates about 56 joules of force at the muzzle.
While they have a short barrel, with a large bore, they are more look intimidating then they really are.
The snub revolver and "Combat Snub" pisol are made of light weight material and have a hinging trigger guard to make them easier to use in bulky Vac Suits. Using them in melee (i.e. pistol whipping) is a good way to damage them.
The semi-automatic "Combat Snub" uses a 15 round magazine with an optional 20 round extended magazine being available.

Email the GM for the details of how they work in this campaign.

Service Auto Pistol

I've made some minor mods for the standard Autopistol. This is based on the one in TA#1.
The standard Imperial Service Pistol is a double action semi-autopistol fires a caseless 10mm round and has a built in laser dot pointer (+2 at close range)
Cost: Cr500 Each comes with 3 empty 15 round magazines and a secure holster that can attach either to a standard equipment belt, standard LBE (Load Bearing Equipment), or a sturdy belt that is also included. There is also an ammo pouche that holds two magazines.
Note: These are built to Imperial Military Spec at TL A. They are very rugged and use caseless ammunition.
That means no brass shells ejecting out and a smoother firing action. You can rack the slide back manually, but that's just to remove a round from the chamber.

Military Ranks

Use the following table for Military Officer Ranks rather than the ones listed in the T20 PHB.
Navy Army Marines
O1 Ensign 2nd Lieutenant Force Ensign
O2 Lieutenant (jg) 1st Lieutenant Force Lieutenant
O3 Lieutenant Captain Force Captain
O4 Lt. Commander Major Force Commander
O5 Commander Lt. Colonel Lt. Colonel
O6 Captain Colonel Colonel
O7 Commodore Brigadier Brigadier

Imperial Navy Enlisted ranks are as follows:

The GM (and list admin) also requests that everyone follow conventionally correct Usenet/e-mail quoting style, this includes a prohibition on top posting.
A summary of those conventions are found here, and you should re-familiarize yourselves with them before posting:
Pulp Hunter PBEM game

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