Garda-Vilis University

A TML Landgrab Production

Garda-Vilis University data provide by John Groth

School Name: Garda-Vilis University
Location: Garda-Vilis (1118 Vilis/SM)
Tech Level: 11 (university equipped at 1 TL higher than world average)
Status: Private university
Degrees offered: Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctor's degrees granted in Arts, Fine Arts, Sciences, and Engineering; professional degrees granted in Law (JD), Medicine (MD), Xenomedicine (MDX), and Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
Number of students/faculty: 12,400 students (9300 undergraduate), 1400 faculty
Noteworthy programs: Officer Training Corps, History
Effects: OTC graduates gain +1 on first promotion roll; History majors receive +1 for admission to graduate school
Tuition and fees (average):

Financial aid available: Ability-based scholarships of up to Cr 4000/year (amount: Cr 1000 x [Edu-7], maximum award Cr 4000); need-based aid available of up to Cr 5000/year (amount: Cr 1000 x [7-Soc]); OTC participants with simultaneous membership in reserve planetary army units are exempt from tuition and fees (note that this incurs a service obligation after graduation in active planetary or Imperial armed forces of four standard years)
Admission requirements: Standard (for rules version in use)
Perseverance: Standard
Game effects: Standard
Key NPCs and locations: To Be Determined

Garda-Vilis University was established by a group of private citizens in 1097, as part of an investment and research program to uplift Garda-Vilis' Tech Level to 11 (see Pocket Empires for tech uplift rules).

This TML Land Grab of Garda-Vilis is being produced in conjunction with John Kwon's Land Grab of the Planet Vilis.

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