Dysart Nathanial Quinn's Mother

He never mentions her name. She is the one he writes his letters to. He talks about his father in the letters, but never writes to him.

Dysart Nathanial Quinn's Father

His name is never mentioned either. His statements about warfare are mentioned in the letters home, but his rank or position are not. Given the Quinn family tradition. He is most likely a MechWarrior.

Their Children

  1. Michael: A Mechwarrior with the Eridani Light Horse.
  2. Aaron:
  3. SuAlice: An AeroPilot.
  4. Rueben:
  5. Joe:
  6. Dysart Nathanial: A Leftenant and XO of Steele's Spartans.

Dysart Nathanial Quinn and his family are creations of, and copyrighted by Mitch Schwartz
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