Space Vermin RPG Association: Mitch Schwartz

He joined Space Vermin early in the Battletech game. He joined after the Coordinator and Derek. He was the third GM of our Battletech game.
He also ran our SPACE:1889 campaign.
Mitch wrote a running commentary on the Battletech game, mostly as reports and letters home from the view of Dysart Quinn, one of his characters. These files can be found on the CHRONICLES NOTES file on Digital's ERIS system. Sorry, you have to be on the inside of DEC's firewall to reach it. You can find some samples on the Space Vermin Fiction Page. He also ran an interesting PBEM TW2K (1st Edition) game on a Boston area BBS a few years back.
He compiled a list of Alien Races for Traveller. He has also produced a page detailing the High Rhoades, the Sky Galleon used in our Space:1889 game.
Mitch has several adventures published online.  These include:

Other material from Mitch:

Player Characters for:

Leftenant Dysart Nathaniel Quinn
A former lance leader in Haldane's Harriers, a mercenary Mech Battalion in the employ of the Lyran Commonwealth (usually). Currently the XO of Steele's Spartans. He saw his first combat while a member of then Mechwarrior Sergeant Grex Steele's lance.
Dysart was born November 11, 3006 on the planet Keystone, a member of the Free Worlds League. He is the sixth child in a near-noble Mechwarrior family. Like most of his family, he attended a military prep school on Keystone. From there he went to the Allison Mechwarrior Academy. He graduated in 3022 (sixth in his class). Since his family had no mech for him to pilot (older sibs got 'em), they sent him to War College on Goshen (in the Federated Suns) for a year for additional studies. Afterwards he was sent to the LCAF's Sanglamore Academy (3024-3025; Master of Military Administration). All this training has given Quinn a taste for both military discipline and military pomp and circumstance.
On his way back to Keystone for a family visit, he met up with Haldane's Harriers on Kalidasa.
He currently pilots a Griffin-S, which he rechristened Raptor.
Lft. Quinn believes that good troops cross train with other branches of service. He organized his lance (a practice copied in some of the other Harrier lances) to fight as two pairs of buddies.
He often writes home to his Mother, but oddly enough, never his father.
MWSgt Szato "Slick" Corazon
A former member of the DCMF's Legion of Vega, Slick talked his fellow company members to dispatch their officers and find new employers. They linked up with Haldane's Harriers, who were part a raid on Proserpina in Draconian space at the time. He is often seen with former Vegan, MW Lamont Grimjack. The two have served in the same lance since joining the Legion.

While not a particularly good mech warrior, he has a powerful gift of gab. Originally from Liao space, he defected to a Davion-sponsored mercenary outfit that beat his unit in the field. He later left that unit in the Periphery beyond Davion/Kurita space, existing for a while as the planet's sole mech military force. When the planet was attacked by Kurita units, he surrendered. The Kuritans transferred him to the Legion of Vega. In each case, talk got him out of a "non-viable military situation" with his life and mech intact.

Slick turns a profit on the side via his Meltine Meltdown sales. He was usually called in to help negotiate Harrier contracts.  Since the Harriers calved off Steele's Spartans, Slick has left hte Harriers for greener pastures.

MW Banzai Weiner
Another ex-Legion of Vega deserter. He currently serves in Captain Steele's Alpha Lance of Steele's Spartans.
Banzai pilots a Jenner, which he calls Passed Tense. He is a good gunner, but only a fair pilot. His general tactic is to run close to a target, empty all his weapons into it, and then run away before overheating.
Senior Tech Hsiu Zhiao
Dysart Quinn's retainer and former personal tech. His family has served the Quinns for three generations. He is now Senior Tech of Steele's Spartans.
Technician Tsu-Wing Chang
Nephew of the Spartan's Senior Tech, Hsiu Zhiao.  At 17.5 standard T-Years, he is the junior member of the Spartan Technical crew.  He has been assigned to Tech Ralph Sherman's team.
A Coyote Shaman. A roamer of the streets. Eclipse likes the level of unpredictability he brings to runs.
Indiana Jones
An unpleasant dwarf Decker and Technician. A fair decker at best, Jones is a good programmer and builder of electronic equipment of all sorts. He is also a coward, paranoid, and has a chip on his shoulder the size of the World Trade Tower. Born to normal parents, they shipped him to a school for orphans to keep him out of the way. He has seen the six Indiana Jones movies too many times, and wears the hat, jacket, pistol, and whip when he runs.
Eclipse decided to seek other sources for those types of services. An interesting character, but not a good one for group role-play.
Trader Garek Sung
A former First Officer of a Merchant Trader working the trade lanes of the Spinward Marches. He volunteered to be the Purser of the March Hare.
Chief Engineer Gaba Ndehlingisis Kim
A retired Darrian Naval officer. Commander Kim (DN, ret) is currently the Chief Engineer aboard the March Hare.
Byron Bayswater
A reporter for Syrtis Major bureau of the Morning Telegraph aboard the SS High Rhodes (an NPC, actually). Bayswater's paper paid to have him aboard the High Rhodes on its journey around Mars. Picture Jimmy Olsen with an annoying british accent...
A Martian cloudshipman (topman) aboard the SS High Rhodes. Yaargoon claims to be from a tribe of Qeln riders. That's silly, since everyone knows that the Qeln, the flying ferocious beasts of the mountains, are quite unapproachable by man or martian. The other martians in the crew would roll their eyes and call him a liar and a teller of tall tales, and suggest that he must have a low, impoverished background to need to invent so silly a tale...
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