A Prince of Amber: Alexander

From a PBEM Amber game that is deader than a doornail that has been shot, hanged, poisoned and beaten with a blunt object...

Alexander, son of Amber and Chaos.  (Pattern Imprint & Court devote, 54 points)
 Colours:  Black, green and red
Father: Bleys
Mother: Galena of House Suretan, Courts of Chaos
Ht:   5'7"      Wt:    130#      Build:  Slender
HAIR: Brown     Eyes:  Brown
Though very attractive, Galena's human form is otherwise unremarkable. This may be by design.  She isn't absurdly tall, and the brown hair and eyes are ubiquitous.
Known Powers: Logrus (Advanced), Trump Artistry (Advanced), Shape Shifting (Advanced), Power Words, Sorcery, Conjuration

Alexander's  Trump description:  Tall, wide of shoulder.  Sandy colored hair worn long with a trimmed beard.  High black boots, inlaided with red and green dragons. Loose black pants.  Red shirt with loose sleeves.  Green vest with gold  buttons.  Black cloak with dark green lining.  Cloak clasp is a tiger locked  in combat with a dragon.  Wide black leather belt supports a stright sabre with a full bell guard on the left hip and black leather pouch on the right. Background is a shelf of books.  Alexander is facing the front of the card.  His left hand is on the hilt of his saber, the right holding a four foot staff made of a pale wood.

Typical bar hopping outfit would run something like:
   Black BDU pants worn loose over black cowboy boots with silver inlaid toes. Faded red shirt.  His belt is of green inlaid leather, with dragons etched into it.  He wears a fair amount of jewery.  Two-three rings on each hand, various bracelets and necklaces.  No visible piercings.

  More detail:  191 cm, 98 kilograms,  ambidrexrous, perfers right.  Spent some 30-80 (depending on your frame of reference) years kicking around in shadow. 
  Raised in Amber.  Before walking the Pattern, he sailed with Amberian merchant ships, rode and hunted in Arden.  Learned his way around the streets of the city.

  Once he gained power over Shadow, he ventured forth to hone his military skills.  This was in reaction to remarks made by one of his uncles concerning his lack of flair for martial studies.  He started with a 15 year stint in something simular to US Army of the late 20th century, in a shadow with numerous low intesity conflicts.  Advanced Infantry training, Jump School, Air Assault School, Ranger school, Special Forces training. The last three of those years were spent in Special Forces units.  He entered in as a private and retired as a freshly promoted Captain.  This was followed by 10 years as a light Cavarly officer in a pre-gunpowder shadow. 

After learning about the military and war, he decided he didn't want to make a career out of it. Obtained a BA in biology and another in history. Then time at a university in Munich for a MD. He fenced sabre, epee during that time, and made a serious study of seducing women.  Spent most of his vacations time in nearby shadow with a time rate different enough to give him to study other martial arts (western and eastern), as well as acupunture. 

  After four years of college, four years of med school and three years doing a surgical residency in Boston, Alexander decided that he was working too hard. He traveled to a peaceful, high tech shadow and spent three years as entertainment director on passenger liner making the Terra-Alpha Kenturi IV run. After that rest, he decided to learn something useful, so he spent two years working in a Tech Level 8 locksmith shop. Also during this time, he practiced rock climbing (buildings as well as cliff faces), scuba and hang gliding.  He left that shadow when introduced to Trump Artistry.  While learning the art, he spent seven years at UC Berkley studing art (drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Never bother picking up a degree. Left when they started pestering him about graduating. He also learned to knit and do needlepoint.  While at Berkley he also frequented rock clubs at night, coffee houses in the afternoons and tried to sleep mornings.  He kept his official course workload as light as possible order to maintain this schedule, and continue his study of seduction.

    Thari: Castle Amber accent
    English: late 20th century, with a slight Boston accent
    German:  Very good High German with a Barvian accent
    French:  Reasonable conversational level, with German accent
    Polish:  Enough to ask for a beer, finding the toilet, and to call in an artillery strike.
    Russian:  Rather good.  Military language school.
    Japanese: Very Good
    Madarin Chinese:  Speaks it fairly well
    Catonese Chinese: Almost as well as madarin, but his accent is horrible! He speaks Catonese with a German accent.
    Spanish:  Fluent in Central Amerian dilects.  Very extensive vocabulary, heavy into military terminlogy.
    Farsi:  Limited amounts, good for military use and limited interogation
    Arabic: Same as Farsi
    Andorian:  Good conversational level.

  Skill list:  swordsman, perfers saber, but has Amberian court training as a knight and can handle most blades.  Standard training with Halberd, bow, crossbow, mace, etc.  Can handle most firearms, up to and including military grade heavy weapons.  Parachuting, including HALO, HAHO and LALO.  Scuba, hang gliding, lock smith, rock climber, MD & surgeon.  Skilled artist and sculptor.  He can cook (even chinese) and even can pass as a decent pastry chief.  He can brew his own beer, make wine and set up a still.

  Character design:
     Amber level at all four attibutes
     Pattern Imprint
     Court Devote: (His Mother)
     Trump Artistry
     good stuff
       Gear would include a personal trump deck. (2 points)
       Extra hard Dagger with Alternate form (ring) (2 points)

        Likes his coffee black with one sugar.   Tea should be dark & strong, with lemon and honey.  Likes good beer, brandy, most wines, scotch, whiskey, ...let's be honest here, Alex likes to drink.  Give him a good bar and he's a happy man.

Alexander's Trumps:
Custom trumps in Alexander's deck:
        Himself (as described)
        ER of Mass General, Boston.
        Berkley Coffee house
        His art studio.  Second story, west wing of a sea side Villa on the southern coast of France.  Villa owned by occasional lover, named Amanda (shadow type).
        His Mother (in human form)
        Enterance Hall of his Mother's House in Chaos.
        William (younger brother)
        Morgan (older brother)
        His Room in Castle Amber
        Armory of Ranger unit he served in.
        Stable of Cav (horse) unit he served in.
        Several good shadow bars...


Other Amber Brats of his  Generation:

Older Brother Morgan
Ht:   6'0"      Wt:    190#      Build:  Athletic
Hair: Auburn    Eyes:  Green
Personal Symbol: Golden Chalice on Dark Green with White Border.
Known Abilities: Pattern Imprint, Power Words, Conjuration, Sorcery. 
Older than Alexander by about 4 years (subjective).

Younger Brother William
Personal Symbol: William has never settled down and chosen a symbol for himself.
Known Abilities: Pattern Imprint, Shapeshifting, Sorcery
His favored chaos-forms include one that looks sort of like a cross between a red-bearded dwarf and a toad, and one that is just a version of himself as he'd look with Shadowrun-style subdermal armor. He is also fond of the form of a standard wolf.
Younger than Alexander by about 2 years (subjective).

Marcel - Son of Julian.  Very outgoing.  Sometimes a little rash.  He likes wine, women, and music of all sorts, pretty much in that order.
Age:            35 (or so)     
Colors:         Bright Blue and Gold
Disposition:    confident, personable
 Marcel is approximately 5'10" to 5'11". He weighs in around 175 to 185 pounds. He is not heavily muscled and is instead rather wiry. He is rather fair skinned with a full head of shouledr length straw colored hair. He also sports a reddish blonde goatee. His bright green eyes complement the bright smile of white teeth that can often be seen.

        His style of dress is similar to that of Renaissance Europe, with a heavy trend toward 17th Century France. He wears his colors throughout his wardrobe, which consists of tight leggings and loose fitting tunic style shirts. His shirts are always topped off by a bright blue vest, and he always wears highboots.

Kalian - Daughter of Julian and Carmel.  She's got a sunny disposition but is very clever and not easily fooled.

Thelon - Another True Son of Amber and Defender of the Realm type.

Erastes - A very open, young man.  He seems generally concerned with the well-being of the common man in the streets.  No one knows his parantage including, he says, himself.  He knows he has Amber blood because he successfully navigated the Patterns in Rebma and Tir Na Nog'th.  He spends most of his time with Gerard, Llewella, and Queen Vialle.  Both Gerard and Llewella take a great interest in him.  Llewella as sort of a Godmother, and Gerard as one who might actually be his father, but doesn't know himself.

Alexander's Adventure
Character © Copyright 2002 Mark Urbin
The Amber setting is Copyright © The Amber Corporation. Use of the Amber settting should not be construed as a challenge to their intellectual property rights.
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