After Action Report 12 November 3025

Day 2 of Proserpina Raid (2nd Action)

AVR-X Gifted, D Quinn piloting

Gifted participated with the rest of the company in a raid designed to destroy the Proserpina Mining Company facility east of Prosperity.

Company Mission Goal:

Destroy the production capabilities of the Proserpina Mining Company facility. Destroy or capture any enemy battlemech forces.

Lance Mission:

Form the Southern flank of the attack. Draw the enemy forces out of their temporary base. Destroy the Proserpina Mining Company facility.

AVR-X Gifted Mission:

Gifted was to control the Southern flank of the Assault Lance.

After Action Report:

Per plan, Haldane's Harriers debarked from its drop ships about 10 kilometers northwest of the objective. Battleclock started upon debarkment at 0608:17 hrs. The Recon Lance deployed around the village to attack from over the south ridge. The Fire Lance circled north to deploy on the slopes northeast of the village. All lances reached their start zones within 20 minutes of touchdown. The Fire Lance opened the attack by destroying the civilian communications station at 0629:29 hrs.

0629:34 hrs: The lance entered the miner's quarter of the complex, destroying the police station and a few residences. Enemy 'mech forces, observed as two lances, appeared unsurprized and began to reply. The enemy included two Hunchbacks, two Phoenix Hawks, two Vulcans, and two Firestarters. Gifted fired LRMs at one of the Firestarters as it stood in the entrance to the 'Mech enclosure along the south face of the mine face.

0629:46 hrs: Gifted advanced southwest to stand immediately beside the facility hospital. The Stinger belonging to the Steiner liason who joined us on this mission flashed by me and ran behind a Phoenix Hawk, with whom Gifted traded fire. The Stinger took heavy fire.

0629:55 hrs: The company command frequency filled with loud white noise. The enemy had found it.

0629:59 hrs: A lance of Panthers deployed from the east in a north-south line, surprising us. The north end of their line closed to less than 150 meters. I was unable to warn Sgt. Steele or Capt. Haldane due to the enemy jamming. I realized that this flanking move must be stopped, or at least blunted. Gifted counter-charged the northern-most 'mech. Gifted received fire from most of the Panthers, and from the Phoenix Hawk I had fired at previously.

The rest of the Assault lance was concentrated in the northwest corner of the miner's town and gave me some covering fire. Suddenly, Slinker (a 20-ton Commando) appeared south of their line, engaging the last Panther.

Gifted struck the Panther hard in the chest, crushing his center torso and, from the radiation leakage I detected, damaged his engine. The Panther fell over.

0630:06 hrs: I established contact with Capt. Haldane on the secondary frequency to report the presence of the Panther lance. I was informed of the presence of a another lance coming out of the mine equipment center.

I pointed out to the captain the similarities between this battle and Waterloo: the 'mechs from the enclosure as the English infantry, the central strong point Hugomont, and the Panther flanking maneuver as Blucher's cavalry. And they had sprung either trap too soon. Capt. Haldane noted my comments and told me to get off the command frequency.

I contacted Sgt. Wilson and requested that Slinker continue to press an attack on the Panther lance.

0630:10 hrs: Gifted remained in place. The Panthers moved west, just out of my reach, and continued to fire at me. Gifted fired both LRM launchers at the nearest Panther and all my lasers at the next closest one. One laser penetrated the 'mech in the head, destroying the cockpit. Gifted continued to take PPC and SRM fire from the Panthers, the Phoenix Hawk, and the Firestarters who had moved up to the southern edge of town. Other fire from the Assault team disabled the 'mech I had charged.

0629:22 hrs: Gifted retreated some 120 meters and divided fire between the remaining Panthers, the Phoenix Hawk, and a Firestarter. Gifted still took fire from all these 'mechs. I began to become concerned about the amount of damage Gifted had taken.

0629:34 hrs: Gifted continued to back up into the cover of a building. Gifted fired LRMs at the Phoenix Hawk, penetrated its center torso, and it collapsed.

I now noticed that the remaining elements of the Assault Lance were still drawn up in the northwest corner of town, and had destroyed a number of other 'mechs. The Command Lance was arrayed further east and was destroying 'mech forces at the east edge of town around the mine equipment center, including both Hunchbacks and a few Panthers. Elements of the Recon Lance had cleared the enemy enclosure of 'mechs.

0629:46 hrs: Capt. Haldane offered general surrender to the surviving 'mech forces. They accepted, as they had run out of lance leaders and were out-numbered about three to one.

Capt. Haldane ordered Gifted to assist in the destruction of the mine equipment center and the mining equipment. I suggested that perhaps instead we might prefer to haul off the mining equipment as salvage. Capt. Haldane agreed. The town's population had sheltered beneath the mining control center. We let them out before destroying the building.

Battleclock off at 0631:22. Due to the damage Gifted sustained, I was not ordered to help guard the facility while we waited for pick up.

Gifted was lifted off-site 95 mintes later with the rest of the company by an Overlord dropship dispatched for the purpose from the Steiner raid commander. We needed it to carry all the captured and salvaged 'mechs.

Initial Damage Report

In the Proserpina Mining Company facility raid, Gifted sustained armordamage on 8 surfaces. According to Technician Zhiao's initial estimates, Gifted will require 4 hours to repair. He will require some 4.5 tons of the special armor.

Gifted expended 4 LRM packs from each launcher, 50% expenditure.

I apologize for the increased damage to Gifted. Most of it was caused by my attempt to blunt the enemy's flanking efforts and to hold the Southeast flank, per mission. I believe that my efforts, combined with the efforts of our Commando and the supporting fire of part of my lance, consumed the flanking lance's attentions so that they could not become a threat to the company as a whole. The flanking move never became a threat to our force. I will strive in the future to avoid more damage during combat.

Written and © Copyright 1989 by Mitch Schwartz.
Battletech and Mechwarrior are Copyright © FASA Corporation.
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