TL 5 Amphibian Aircraft, 2 tonnes total Mass
                          Mass    Volume  Cost     MW     
Simple Airframe           0.021   28      0.025           
Imp Comb. Engine
Propeller                 0.5     0.5     0.004    0.4    
3 hours HDL fuel          0.3     0.3     0.000075
Basic Mechanical Controls 0.028           0.002
Cramped cockpit           0.1     2.5     0.0002
Flight Avionics           0.0001  0.0001  0.01
300Km Radio               0.3     0.15             0.01
Pilot                     0.1
13mm HMG w/100 rounds     0.041

1.3901 Tonnes Mass allotted from a 2 tonne aircraft
2.8 cubic meters out of 28 cubic meters
MCr0.041275 = Cr4,127.5

30% of weight devoted to maneuver enhancement
This allows the wings to fold for storage.

Glide ratio=11
Thrust=0.28 tonnes
Max Speed=320 kph
Cruise Speed=240 kph
Minimum Speed=105 kph
Minimum safe takeoff roll=31m
Minimum landing roll=105m
Cbt move=44.5
Travel move=960
Storage Volume=60 cubic meters
Length=4 meters
Endurance=3 hours
Range=720 Km
Size=Micro (Mc)

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