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Our latest game is Traveller. Mitch, Derek, Charles and myself are old Traveller hands. We are using TNE rules, with a Classic Traveller setting. The PCs are among the crew of a Far Trader, called the March Hare. The place is the Spinward Marches. The time, right after the Fifth Frontier War. The Emperor has not been killed, the Imperium is strong, and there is NO Virus!

Some of the PCs included:

The March Hare is a 200 ton Far Trader class starship. It is owned by a filthy rich Imperial Noble. Some of the player characters make up the ship's crew and supercargo.   The March Hare is The Silver Rose Security Agency is owned and operated by the Count's family. Four of it's members are currently assigned the March Hare. These are:

The March Hare is a trader. Some of it's cargo includes:
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