A Flying Saucer

Using QSDS, I knocked off a flying saucer in under 30 minutes. That's with stopping to get a cup of tea in the middle.
It's real Quick & Dirty, pencil & paper job.
200 tons
Streamlined disk
TL 15 base
Jump 2, 3-G (T-Plates)
TL 12 improved sensors & commo
TL 15 avionics
small purification plant
8 large staterooms, one for each of the crew.
The 100 MW power plant has 5.4 Mw to spare.
There is 66 tonnes of free space. Room for a small vehicle hanger, more staterooms, etc.

Even with the high cost T-Plates, this design was just under MCr50.
Any additional costs (laser, small vehicles, etc.) probably will be offset by the reduced T-Plate cost.

I figure this baby for a rich kids toy. He takes his buddies and cruises low tech worlds that haven't achieved serious space flight yet.
The non-milspec sensors will account for the occasional near miss with tri-motor prop planes or zeppelins. :-)

In all, the design process was pretty quick and painless

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