TL 5 Range Truck Alcohol IIC Engine

This is an orginal design I put together during the Era of the GDW-Pocket mailing list. We were a group of Traveller fans working on the Traveller:TNE setting for Reavers' Deep. I designed this vehicle for one of Mike Metlay's worlds.

This is an old Callard truck with a Mason engine rebuilt to run off alcohol. The searchlight is also an add on. It's mounted so it can be swiveled above the roll bar for active use and swiveled down for storage. The pintal mount is located in the center of the top roll bar (to the left of the searchlight ). It's another post production add-on. When there is a weapon mounted, you often find a connector bar that links the weapon to the searchlight. Very handy for night shooting. This setup is built for the gunner to be standing in the truck bed. You often find a harness attached to the roll bars to hold the gunner steady.

The Callard's engine is located up front, behind a sturdy bumper and grill. The driver and passenger's compartment is rather spartan, but well protected by roll bars. The bench seat is lacking in the padding department. You'll often find it fitted with hand made cushions or even fur coverings. The aft cargo area is open (think big pickup truck). Some operators have added additional roll bars in the cargo bay. The Callard rides on six large wheels made of spun metal alloy fibers. These tires are mostly pre-Virus. A testimony to their durability. The Mason engine is an old rotary engine famous for it's simplicity of design. It's designed for ease of maintenance and long life. Most Mason found in the Wilds have been converted over to use alcohol as fuel.

Size = 1 tonne displacement = 14 Kiloliters

Volume is in Kiloliters

Price is in MegaCredits

Volume Mass Power SA Price
Standard chassis Open Vehicle Soft Steel AV=1 (14) 2.02 0.003232
Cross Country Wheels 2.8 0.56 (36) 0.0007
Basic Mechanical Controls 0.14 0.0014 0.0002
HeadLights 0.002 0.001 0.001 0.00005
Searchlights 0.01 0.01 0.001 0.0001
IIC Engine 0.8 0.8 (0.24)
Alcohol fuel 0.75 0.75
Transmission 0.75 0.75 0.00075
Driver Seat  (cramped wkst) 2.5 0.1 0.0002
Passenger seat 2.5 0.02 0.0001
Cargo 3.874 0.969
Weapon Pintal Mount






Totals 14 5.98 0.002 0.006932

Displacement = 14 Kiloliters
Mass = 5.95 tonnes
Power used = 0.232 MW
Cost = MCr0.006932 = KCr 6.932 = Cr6,932

.23 MW to the transmission leaves 0.008 MW excess power

Headlight range = 0.03 km = 30 meters
Searchlight range = 0.25 km = 250 meters
It floats

kph cbt move Trav Move
Base Road Speed 111



Base Cross Country Speed 44



Maintance Points = 3
Fuel Consumption = 60 liters/hour
Endurance = 12.5 hours
Life Support = Light & Heat

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