TL 5 Cigar shaped Rigid Airship (Hydrogen)

Useful Lift: 1365 Tonnes
Thrust: 100 Tonnes (TL5 Propellers)
Max Speed: 200 Kph
Cruising Speed: 150 Kph
Combat Move: 27.8
Travel Move: 600
Endurance: 120 Hours
Range: 18,000 Kilometers
Volume of Envelope: 227,576.54 Displacement Tonnes
Cost: MCr 184.60367

This Airship has 6 Gondolas. The control, cargo and four engine. Each Gondola is a a simple airframe.

The Main Gondola consists of:
  Flight Deck:
   Open Crewstations for:
        Radio Operator
        Flight Engineer

   TL 5 300 Km Radio (0.1 square meter antenna)
   TL 5 Navigational Aids
        Gyro Compass
        Barmetric Altimeter
   TL 4 Search Light (6 attached around the gondola)
   TL 5 Improved Internal Combustion Engine; 0.25 m^3; producing 0.1 MW
        Main Gondola power requirements = 0.0215 MW
   3 Kiloliters of HCD fuel to power the engine for 120 hours
   1.75 Tonne ships locker.

 Crew Quarters:
   5 small cabins for:
        Navigator/Flight Engineer
        Radio Operator/Mechanic

The Cargo Gondola consists of:
Each of the four Engine Gondolas consists of: The fuel for the 4 propulsion engines (1071.4285 Klt) is stored in the Envelope (76,54 diplacement tonnes were added when figuring the weight of the envelope)

The 1.75 tonne ships locker is fudge space for weight. Light weapons can be added or 3 crew bunks or more radio/sensor equipment.

The cargo Gondola is has 100 displacement tonnes of open space. 100 tonnes of Mass were figured into the lift equations. There are several options available besides flat cargo space.

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