Immediate Family Tree of the Hereditary Hertug (now ErkeHertug) of Scanoth.

This family tree of the Ruling House of Scanoth was done for a Pocket Empires PBEM game that never really got off the ground.

Davin Hakon stepped down from the position of ErkeHertug, in favor of his eldest son, JanPieter. He now serves as an advisor to the ErkeHertug. His body is still strong, but lacks endurance. His mind is sharp and schooled in the hardball Sword World politics. He rarely leaves the family estates. His hobbies include marksmanship, flower gardens, and starship design. When he does leave the estates, it's to visit the Scanoth Naval Academy. One of the traditional roles of the retired ErkeHertug is Naval Academy Patron. He consults with the staff, and interviews cadets, identifying potential fast trackers.

JanPieter Hakon is the current ErkeHertug. A former ship's Captain in the Scanoth Navy. He still dotes on the Navy. His typical duty dress is a Naval Officer's uniform with no rank tabs.

Ingram Hakon is the current Naval Chief Admiral. A skilled strategist, he has been vocal in turning Scanoth's Navy into an offensive force.

Lieutenant Commander Mayra Dietrich is Admiral Hakon's aide. She is unmarried and completely dedicated to her work. She has no command experience, but is an excellent staff officer.

Name Notes:

Old Norse: "of the High and Exalted Race."

Old Norse: "All Wise"

Old Norse: "Sea Contest"

Old Norse: "From the Valley."

Old Norse: "From the Spring."

Cherilyn Sarkisian
This is the birth name of the singer/actress Cher, former wife of the late US Rep. Sonny Bono

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