A TL-21 "jump suit" in TNE could be as follows:

. There's no maneuvering pack. Let a ship drop you off, and come get you. If you *insist* on landing, use a bigger PLSS and pick a vector that will drop you into orbit around the planet, then use a re-entry kit to land.

Hmmm. Most of the weight is in the jump drive -- as much as 4000 kg. The volume comes out somewhere under 4 kL, without computers, and the price at about a megacredit. Throw in implant computers and price shoots up at 4.5 million each. As a suit, it would be bigger and harder to move than a suit of heavy battledress. Maybe the jump-drive could be put in a "interstellar maneuvering pack" that would attach and partly envelop a vacc suit, like a re-entry kit. Put a grav unit on the jump kit so it's easier to move. May want to consider switching the jump drive to use anti-matter. This actually has some promise....

Steve Bonneville

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