Monk Mayfair: Pulp Hero

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This page is for Monk.

One of the world's leading industrial Chemists, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Blodgett Mayfair is one of Doc Savage's five regular assistants. He stands almost as wide as tall, with extra long arms and covered with rust colored hair. His nickname comes from his appearance.
Monk loves adventure, often passing up well paying jobs to travel around the world with Doc.

One of Monk's great loves (besides adventure and attractive women) is needling his buddy Ham. Inseparable companions since the Great War, these two have a constant, and continuous argument running. Watching them, one would think they where ready to murder each other. The truth is that they are best of friends, and often risk their lives for each other.

Monk picked up his pet pig, which he named Habeas Corpus (clearly a jab at Ham) in the Middle East during the adventure, The Phantom City. That adventure was first published in 1933.

Cameos made by Monk:

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