Pat Savage: Bronze Adventuress

I just have not seen very much dedicated Pat Savage material on the WEB. Her cousin Clark gets all the attention.

This page is dedicated to Pat.

We first saw Pat in Brand of the Werewolf, published in 1934. Doc refers to her father, Alex Savage, as an uncle he has never met.  Doc says his only child, Patrica is "18 or so." She describes her self as a third or fourth cousin in The Hate Genius. Born and raised in western Canada, Pat moves to New York City after the death of her father.  She is Doc's only living relative  (Philp Jose Farmer's Wold-Newton Family Tree disagrees).

Pat carries an old six shooter that belonged to her father. It is a single action,with trigger removed and a fanning spur welded on the hammer.
Since she insists on carrying this "hand cannon", Doc has produced his Mercy bullets for it.

Pat loves adventure. She tries to tag along on as many of Doc's adventures as possible. Doc tries, usually unsuccessfully, to stop her.

After moving to New York City, Pat opened a highly successful beauty salon on Park Avenue (Patricia, Inc.). She charges her clients a small fortune and makes them feel it's worth it.

The last time Pat was seen in the original 181 run Doc Savage series was in "I Died Yesterday." She makes use of a number of Doc's gadgets that she has collected over the years as she solves the mystery in this mostly solo adventure.

An obscure fan theory is that Pat Savage later married a Japanese scientist, and moved to Texas.
Before she and her husband were killed by an "Evil Crime Overlord", she bore a son named Buckaroo. 

Patricia is in back in print. You can find her in the new Doc Savage stores written by Will Murry. You can also find a "Wold-Newton" version of Pat, one, Patricia Clarke Wildman, the daughter of "Doc" Wildman.
Patricia, she doesn't like "Pat", first appears in the Gothic Horror/Mystery novel "The Evil in Pemberley House."
She makes her second appearance in "The Scarlet Jaguar."

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