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"One single object... [will merit] the endless gratitude of the society: that of restraining the judges from usurping legislation." -- Thomas Jefferson
"I do not agree with Michael Moore in any way, shape or form." -- A disabled veteran, wounded in Iraq, who appeared in Fahrenheit 9/11 without his consent or knowledge.
"I think we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious." -- Thomas Jefferson
"They spent the night in jail, where their progressive views on gay marriage served them well." -- Ann Coulter on the pie throwers.
"My kids just brought home a beautiful pumpkin, but you know what? I'm going to return it because it's a Democratic pumpkin. It has the orange color of John Kerry's tan, and the roundness of Teddy Kennedy." -- Republican governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger
Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was quite explicit about using abortion as a tool to reduce the minority population. She said the goal of Planned Parenthood was to "give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization." Even today, talk to any white liberal about abortion and within 60 seconds he will raise the black "overpopulation" problem.
"All you need to know about Arafat was that he insisted on wearing a pistol when he addressed the UN General Assembly. And all you need to know about the UN, I suppose, is that they let him." -- James Lileks
"The media, I think, wants Kerry to win.... And I think theyíre going to portray Kerry and Edwards ... Iím talking about the establishment media, not Fox - but theyíre going to portray Kerry and Edwards as being young and dynamic and opportunistic and all. Thereís going to be this glow about them - thatís going to be worth maybe 15 points." -- Newsweek Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas, Inside Washington, WUSA-TV, 7/10/04.
"One of the things I've noticed is the Israel lobby - the treatment of Israel as the 51st state, sort of a swing state." -Chris Heinz, John Kerry's step-son.
"And I donít want posture lessons from a country that spent the last 20 years flopping on its back and grabbing its ankles when Saddam showed up waving stacks of Francs in exchange for bang-sticks." -- James Lileks
"The devotees of the party in power are smug and arrogant. The devotees of the party out of power are insane." -- Jane's Law
"Could there possibly have been an incumbent more easy to knock-off than George W. Bush? A real-life opposition party would have been insulted to be matched with a such an unworthy and frail rival. The Democrats, by contrast, got their lights punched out." -- Marc Cooper
"In American elections there are no losers, because whether or not our candidates win or lose, the next morning we wake up as Americans." -- Senator John F. Kerry (d-MA) in his Presidental run concession speech, Nov. 3, 2004
"I think Ronald Reagan is what happened....The age of Reagan brought conservatism into the mainstream....It also brought us the beginning of the new media--talk radio, the internet, cable television. " -- Historian Douglas Brinkley, in a candid assessment of why the Dems keep losing.
"Bush won the largest popular vote in history with a 3.5 million margin. Indeed, simply by getting a majority of the country to vote for him - the left's most hated politician since Richard Nixon - Bush did something "rock star" Bill Clinton never did. Bush maintained or increased his vote in every state but Vermont." -- Ann Coulter
"George W. Bush, 43rd president of the United States, became the first incumbent president to increase his majority in both the Senate and the House and to increase his own vote (by over 3.5 million) since Franklin D. Roosevelt, political genius of the 20th century, in 1936." -- Peggy Noonan
Liberal American Blogger: "Sad, but true. Iím actually moving to Canada once I pay off my debt."
Conservative Canadian Blogger: "Cool! Then you can help us pay off ours! The Canadian national debt is double that the size of the US (in relationship to GDP) and to pay it off, governments suck away over 50% of the income of the average working middleclass. (The high earners having long left to vote Republican)"
"Wearing a Che shirt in a free nation is as disgusting as wearing a Heinrich Himmler shirt in Tel Aviv." -- Leslie Bates
"Reelecting President Bush and defeating Tom Daschle is like finding Saddam Hussein with Osama bin Laden's address in his pocket." -- Eddie Krause
"One thing's very clear: What Democrats are selling, people aren't buying in large parts of the country." -- Jim Kessler, Democratic strategist, quoted in the Chicago Tribune, November 2004 Describe the perfect writing environment.
Ann Coulter: A clean, well-lit, heavily endowed university with a dozen unpaid college ghostwriters at my disposal. In other words, Al Franken's office.
"Americans tote guns because they're assertive citizens, not docile subjects of a permanent governing class. They love their military because they think there's something contemptible about Europeans preening and posing as a great power when they can't even stop some nickel'n'dime Balkan genital-severers piling up hundreds of thousands of corpses on their borders." -- Mark Steyn
Hey Hollywood! Fahrenheit this! Bush won!
"[T]he politically correct are above the rules of ordinary civility, once they have identified you as an unbeliever in their religion." -- Orson Scott Card
"The last three Democratic Presidents came from Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas, respectively. I say this to all of you who think it's funny and wise to say 'fuck the South.' If you fuck the South, you're fucking yourselves." -- Neal Pollack
"In time of war, if you go through a bad neighborhood, I don't want a little French poodle, I want a Rottweiler on my hands." -- Gene Simmons, notorious tongue-wagging bass guitarist for the hard-rock band Kiss, explaining why he was among the more than 60 million Americans who voted to re-elect President Bush
"The ACLU used to be so committed to free expression that it would even represent Nazis and Klansmen seeking to express their views. But apparently they draw the line at the Boy Scouts."
"Remember comrade: if a minority is liberal, he is a credit to his people and the American Dream; if he is conservative, he is an embarrassing sellout."
"Remember: No matter what your politics, 50% of the country disagrees with you (unless you support Ralph Nader, then pretty much everyone thinks youíre a loon)." -- Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr
"Just so we have this straight: at the University of Tennessee itís okay to threaten to kill someone and to call them a raghead, but you canít dress up like the Jackson 5 on Halloween if youíre a white dude." -- Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr
"Iíve never seen so much goose-stepping as I have in the shadow of Mooreís fat ass." -- Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr
"Ted Kennedy says that our policy in Iraq is adrift. Hmmm. Maybe like a car adrift in the water after its has gone over a bridge?" -- Ann Coulter
"This is the best election night in history." -- DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, Nov. 2, 2004, just before 8 p.m. EST
democrats, The party that brought you:
The Bay of Pigs
The Gulf of Tonkin
The best you can hope for is that the UN remains pretty much as it is now, a fairly useless debating society with little or no actual power. Expensive, useless, petty, and corrupt, but as close to powerless as any semi-governmental body gets.
Nothing pisses off a liberal more than someone exercising personal discretion but choosing "incorrectly." -- Geoff Miller
"Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks to a tiger, the tiger will turn vegetarian." -- Heywood Brown
"To be sure, conservative radio talk show hosts have a built-in audience unavailable to liberals: People driving cars to some sort of job." -- Ann Coulter
"You socialists only have one rebuttal to the argument that socialism has been tried and failed miserably; it's the same one an abused wife might hear from the drunken monster that blackened her eye: 'It'll be different this time, I swear!'"
"That is the paradox of dogmatic liberalism: Though it loudly declares itself a champion of the weak; it is actually an unrelenting truncheon of the strong." -- George Grant
"The existential root of Libertarianism is the experience of being very bad at taking orders from morons." -- Leopold Leider
"We, the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts -- not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow men who pervert the Constitution." -- Abraham Lincoln
"Indeed, if I understand this global-warming business correctly, the danger is that the waters will rise and drown the whole of Massachusetts, New York City, Long Island, the California coast and a few big cities on the Great Lakes - in other words, every Democratic enclave will be wiped out leaving only the solid Republican heartland. Politically speaking, for conservatives there's no downside to global warming." -- Mark Steyn
"Any measure that establishes legal charity on a permanent basis and gives it an administrative form thereby creates an idle and lazy class, living at the expense of the industrial and working class." -- Alexis de Tocqueville
"I am deeply convinced that any permanent, regular administrative system whose aim is to provide for the needs of the poor will breed more miseries than it can cure, will deprave the population that it wants to help and comfort, will dry up the sources of savings, will stop the accumulation of capital, will retard the development of trade, and will benumb human industry." -- Alexis de Tocqueville
"'Cultural diversity' is the Federally-mandated process by which people with no qualifications other than apocryphal tales of atrocities levied against their presumed ancestors Officially displace persons with demonstrable abilities, lest the educational or industrial milieu become efficient and productive." -- 'Uncle Al' Schwartz
"We never pay anyone Dane-geld,
No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
And the nation that plays it is lost!" -- Danegeld, Rudyard Kipling
"I am a Norman, and the tradition of my people is to invade the neighbors, suppress their culture, sequester their land, and impose an aristocratic rule. By the principle of cultural relativity this is no less valid a way of life than any other." -- Brett Evill
"And quit bringing up our forefathers and saying they were Civil Libertarians...they were blowing people's heads off because they put a tax on their breakfast beverage -- and it wasn't even coffee." -- Dennis Miller
"With Albright at the helm of the State Department, Osama bin Laden ran wild throughout the Middle East, the North Koreans began feverishly building nukes under her nose, and we staged a pre-emptive attack solely for purposes of regime change based on false information presented to the American people by Albright about a world leader who was not an imminent threat to the United States. Slobodan Milosevic wasn't even a latent, long-term, hypothetical threat. " -- Ann Coulter
"Seriously, he is just a voice on the radio, unlike the ones in your head, you don't have to do what he tells you to do." -- Right Wing Sparkle on Rush Limbaugh
"Anyway, the only thing more ridiculous than these therapy sessions is the fact that these loonie's insurance companies are paying for it." -- Right Wing Sparkle on Moonbats with PEST
"Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." -- John Adams
"There is no more dramatic proof of the death of the Left than the passage of its central vision ≠ global democratic revolution ≠ into the hands of those who call themselves conservatives." -- Michael Ledeen
"Thanks to liberals, you can be put in jail for spanking your kid. Your kid can be put in jail for driving to school with a bread knife in his trunk. You can sink your life savings in a piece of property AFTER clearing your plans with the EPA and then have them bar you from building on it because it's the home of a rare subspecies of ass parasite that inhabits the rectums of Norway rats. You can work sixty hours a week to pay for your crappy two-room apartment while the government uses your taxes to subsidize fifteen-hundred-dollar-a-month condos to crackheads because they might be embarrassed if they had to go live in the projects." -- Hog on Ice
"Now let me tell you what Jimmy Carter is made of: naivete, killer rabbit stories, foreign policy advice from his daughter Amy, sucking up to dictators, malaise, "lust in his heart", too much time spent watching Fahrenheit 9/11, peanuts, an undeserved Nobel Peace Prize...oh and lots and lots of failure." -- Rightwing News
"Quietly scuttling Columbus Day sales doesn't mean they are opposed to 15th century Iberian seafarers; it just means They don't want protestors on the sales floor throwing blood on the Calvin Klein hosiery in the name of the anti-imperialistic cause." -- James Lileks
"As president, Clinton sold burial plots in Arlington Cemetery and liberals shrugged it off. What really gets their goat is the autopen. Evidently, the important thing was that every one of those pardons Clinton sold for cash on his last day in office was signed by Bill Clinton personally." -- Ann Coulter
"The gravest sin, the only sin which is never forgiven by gods or men, is to eat more than you harvest. You could murder your poor mother, and some will forgive you. Leach off others, and eventually all men will turn from you." -- From Samshir (unpublished) by John Nowak"
"If it were true that conservatives were racist, sexist, homophobic, fascist, stupid, inflexible, angry, and self-righteous, shouldn't their arguments be easy to deconstruct? Someone who is making a point out of anger, ideology, inflexibility, or resentment would presumably construct a flimsy argument. So why can't the argument itself be dismembered rather than the speaker's personal style or hidden motives? Why the evasions?" -- Ann Coulter
"A man who is long overdue to learn how a person can be sticky and fluffy at the same time." -- C. D. Tavares on the far left extremist Fox Butterfield
"Like the archers of Agincourt, John O'Neal and the 254 Swiftboat Veterans took down their own haughty Frenchman." -- Ann Coulter
Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, a conservative favorite, took in triple the revenue of Michael Moore's Crockumentary Fahrenheit 9/11.
"Stop seeing socialists and anti-Americans as Democrats. When a Michael Moore compares beheaders to our own Minutemen and laments that too many Democrats were in the World Trade Center, he deserves no platform alongside Wesley Clark or a seat next to Jimmy Carter or praise for his pseudo-dramas from high Democrats." -- Victor Davis Hanson giving advice to democrats.
Liberal is in the dictionary between liar and loser.
"The day an American has to move a European out of the way to help in some part of the world it will be a great day in the world..." -- VariFrank
"Liberals Love America Like O.J. Loved Nicole" -- Ann Coulter
"I still canít believe that anyone voted for John Kerry. John Kerry was a personification of everything thatís wrong with the Democrat Party today. A traitor in his youth, he proposed policies of economic division at home and which would have brought military defeat abroad. The once-proud Democratic Party of people like Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson has been reduced to such a level as to become little better than the party of AIDS, abortion, adultery and appeasement." -- Adam Yoshida
"There's a simple doctrine. Outside of a person's love the most sacred thing they can give is their labor. Labor is a very precious thing you have and any time you can combined labor and love you've really made a match." -- James Carville, The War Room
"She has all the qualities of leadership, except followers." -- Republican Dennis Hastert on democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
"What's the big problem at CBS News? Well, for one thing, it has no credibility. And no audience, no morale, no long-term emblematic anchorperson and no cohesive management structure. Outside of those annoyances, it shouldn't be that hard to fix." -- Van Gordon Sauter, former president of CBS News (who goes on to say that the "unremitting liberal orientation" of his former organization has driven him to 'NBC News and Fox and MSNBC")
"We [the British] have hated the French for years. Now you [the United States] have just joined the club. It makes you much more likable." -- Simon Cowell a judge on television's "American Idol,"
"Does anyone else see the irony in "anarchists" forming into organized groups and establishing security squads?" -- Ivan
FACTS ABOUT INAUGURAL SPEECHES: - Lincolnís 2d inaugural address used word "God" 14 times. Ronald Reaganís 2d inaugural address used word "freedom" 12 times. Clintonís 2d inaugural used word "consensual" 16 times. -- Ann Coulter
Foilhats: A subgroup of radical or extreme leftist adhering to a political philosophy stressing a reliance on emotion and rejection of logic. ~"The foil hats objected to the balanced budget bill."
"The one of the functions of language is to serve as the operating system of human thought. But the function of Newspeak is to prevent correct identification of the facts of reality. Thus bloodsoaked tyrants such as Fidel Castro are called liberators and liberators such as President Bush are called oppressors." -- Leslie Bates
"Byrd, the former Klu [sic] Klux Klan Kleagle, is taking a stand over states' rights, or his rights over State, or some such. Whatever the reason, the sight of an old Klansman blocking a little colored girl from Birmingham from getting into her office contributed to the general retro vibe that hangs around the Democratic Party these days." -- Mark Steyn
"Cover the Democrats for any length of time and you become expert in campaigns that don't seem to be about anything. They have policies; Democrats are good at policies. But all too often the campaigns lack a message--a sense of what the candidate's about and what he aims to do." -- Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson
"You canít make Socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent." -- John Dewey
"I put myself down as "moderate liberal" but some of my views may be fascist." -- An honest Liberal
It doesn't matter how you vote, the government always gets in.
"I voted for Bush, but otherwise voted straight Democrat, IIRC. Why Bush, if otherwise Democratic? Well, I don't like Kerry." -- The aforementioned Honest Liberal
"The thing I love so much about the UN, is that they're so obviously corrupt. It's not like the Oil-for-Food scandal was even hard to discover, it was almost a parody of corruption. The behavior of the delegates in New York is comically corrupt as well. The amazing thing is that there are still people who want to give the UN MORE power, and to become a real world government... Sigh" -- John Hamill
"I would say that my position is not too far from that of Ayn Rand's; that I would like to see government reduced to no more than internal police and courts, external armed forces≠with the other matters handled otherwise. I'm sick of the way the government sticks its nose into everything, now." -- ≠Robert A. Heinlein, as quoted by J. Neil Schulman in The Robert Heinlein Interview and Other Heinleiniana
"If a man neglects to enforce his rights, he cannot complain if, after a while, the law follows his example." -- Oliver Wendell Holmes
"Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer." -- Ludwig Von Mises
"An Ambassadore is a man of virtue sent to lie abroad for his country, a news writer is a man of no virtue who lies at home for himself." -- Sir Henry Wotton
"The atmosphere in which social legislation is considered is not a friend of truth." - The late Sen. Patrick Moynihan (old school liberal democrat, New York)
Waco: How liberals seperate Church and State.
"Michael Moore would never withstand the scrutiny he lays on other people. You would think that heís the ultimate common man. But heís money-obsessed." -- Douglas Urbanski, Mooreís former manager
"Where do you get the gall to call the people who died in 9/11 technocrats when you sit around and get a $90,000 paycheck from the government you purport to hate?" -- College Republican student at CU Boulder, challenging hate-mongering Professor Ward Churchill at a campus forum.
"When anti-Bush/anti-war/anti-marriage Tim Robbins, speaking at the National Press Club last Spring complained about the 'chill wind' against free expression blowing through Hollywood, I screamed laughing. It would take a Category 5 hurricane to shut him up--I mean, he was the invited guest of the National Press Club, for goodness sake! What chill wind is he talking about? You couldn't turn on Fox, CNN or C-Span without seeing Janeane Garafalo and Mike Farrell, or Tim's 'life partner' Susan Sarandon spouting off about Iraq or how terrible President Bush is." -- Laura Ingraham
"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid." -- Benjamin Franklin
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