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"...what I love about Ann Coulter is that she's sort of the--she's sort of a version of myself in that she absolutely never pulls a punch. Even when she's saying something that I think is outrageous, it's what she really believes and she doesn't back off of it. And that is what I find so refreshing and, unfortunately, so unique. I can't name five other people who do that, who don't calculate before they speak." -- Bill Maher
"The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any- price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life." - Theodore Roosevelt
Why did you [Shannon O'Brien] keep talking about "working families," when it was so palpably clear that your core constituency, indeed your only constituency, were the non-working families of Massachusetts. Speaking of which, Shannon, whatever happened in Ward 11 yesterday morning, was it smart to let your union thugs run wild in Boston and Newton, ginning up a massive suburban vote that was already terrified by the prospect of one-party welfare state rule under the thumb of O'Brien, O'Brien, Travaglini,Travaglini and Finneran?

How long do you think Enron Emmet's old lobbying firm, now run by Emmet's former State House aide, will have the Bechtel lobbying contract now that you aren't going to be governor?

Another question, Shannon: After accusing Mitt Romney of being a sexist because he used the word "unbecoming," should you have spent the rest of the campaign being squired about the state by those well-known respecters of women, Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy?
-- Howie Carr, Boston Herald, 11/6/02

O'Brien, who believes she was patronized as a woman when Romney called her conduct "unbecoming," today makes a final campaign pitch with Bill Clinton in New Bedford. Apparently, she has no problem appearing with a man who, under oath, called his compliant intern "basically a good girl."

Poor Jill Stein. All the woman wants is social justice and a cleaner environment and there's Ted Kennedy trying to sabotage her candidacy. Sure, she'll be blamed as a spoiler if O'Brien loses. Just remember, Jill, if it wasn't for Ralph Nader, Al Gore would be president today and Corvairs would still be on the road. No matter what happens tomorrow, this nation already owes the Green Party a tremendous debt.
-- Joe Sciacca Boston Herald 11/4/02

"I probably had 150 meetings with Trent Lott. He has said exactly as many racist things to me as Bill Clinton has, which is to say zero." -- Dick Morris
Most of the stuff alongside the road has been thrown out of car windows by Democrats.
You might be a democrat if you call the execution of a homicidal maniac "murder" but call murder "pro-choice".
You might be a democrat if you've ever referred to the Military/Industrial Complex during a conversation.
You might be a democrat if you argued that a few more months of sanctions and Sadam Hussein would fold like rookie poker player.
You might be a democrat if you view Jane Fonda as a courageous heroine with strong convictions.
You might be a democrat if you've ever said "But look at all the good Ted Kennedy has done for the women of this country!"
"Back when they supported segregation, Lott and Thurmond were Democrats." -- Ann Coulter
"A good man who did a bad thing." -- Mary Matalin on husband James Carville, Meet the Press, 12/29/02
"Quit demagoguing. Itís not true." -- Mary Matalin speaking to her husband James Carville, Meet the Press, 12/29/02
"This is such music to my ears. James Carville advocating a tax cut to stimulate the economy." -- Mary Matalin, Meet the Press, 12/29/02
"Continuing to raise taxes to feed the bureaucratic beast can only result in devouring the means and motivation of our people," -- Mass. Governor Mitt Romney, 1/3/02
Affirmative Action: Liberal speak for Racial Profiling.
"Teamed with the first Democratic President in nearly a decade, congressional leaders looked forward to a new era, free of the frequent vetoes of recent years. [The president], they hoped could also smooth the way for major new programs such as welfare reform and national health insurance." (Congressional Quarterly Almanac, 1977)
People who are willing to rely on the government to keep them safe are pretty much standing on Darwin's mat, pounding on the door, screaming `Take me, take me!' -- Carl Jacobs
"I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand." -- Susan B Anthony
"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than those attending too small a degree of it." -- Thomas Jefferson
"You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor, and you will have war." -- Winston Churchill to Neville Chamberlain
"Libertarianism is, essentially, the idea that: a Protestant and a Catholic; a white man and a black man; a believer and an atheist can live together. Liberal cosmopolitanism is the idea that some subset of these should go away." -- Robert Uhl
"I'll 'believe' in the EU once I see Turkey as a member. Until then, it's nothing more than a "Christian White Europeans Only" club with delusions of moral superiority."
"We need to make some real fundamental change from the Constitution down in this country." -- Al Sharpton, liberal-democrat, Meet the Press, 1/12/03
"The Democrats often seem like the Not Republican Party, no more and no less." -- Peggy Noonan
"Taking responsibility without permission is theft. You should *buy* responsibility in the approved, legal, manner from the appropriate authorities." -- Timothy Little
"I fully expect pro-choice senators to filibuster any nominee who does not affirm a woman's constitutional right to [an abortion]," -- NARAL President Kate Michelman 1/21/03
"... the top 10 percent of incomes pay 70 percent of the income taxes and cast about 25 percent of the vote." -- Dick Morris
"The problem: Democrats have to drop their stupid class-warfare rhetoric. With 74 million Americans owning stock in one form or another, anything which helps them can't be derided as a sop to the rich." -- Dick Morris
"The truth is France has been the chief Western advocate of normalizing relations with Iraq - one of its largest trading partners - for years, partly because France holds billions in IOUs from Iraq that wouldn't be redeemable by a new regime." -- Jonah Goldberg
"Political journalists love graduate student intelligence, the ability to make clever allusions in seminars, and in 1999-2000 they hassled George W. Bush for not having it. They didnít realize what this book succinctly displays: that the President has something far more important-CEO intelligence, the ability to ask tough questions, garner essential information, and make discerning decisions." -- Dr. Marvin Olasky, Professor of Journalism, The University of Texas at Austin, and Editor in Chief, World magazine
"Frankly, I find it amusing that people cling to the ideal of pure socialism as a workable concept. It's like a replacement for religion." -- Todd Glenn
"We call on the Senate to reject any judicial nominee who does not affirm fundamental civil rights, including a woman's right [to obtain an abortion on demand]. The threat an [pro-life] judiciary poses to women's lives demands nothing less." -- Susanne Martinez, vice president of public policy at the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, January 27, 2003.
"...nearly eight of every 10 Americans think than no one, not even Bill Gates, should pay more than 30 percent to the government." -- Fox News Poll, Jan. 2003
"Thank goodness we don't get all the government we pay for." -- Will Rogers
"The only thing that saves us from government bureaucracy is its inefficiency." -- Eugene McCarthy
"I'd rather entrust the government of the United States to the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University." -- William F. Buckley, Jr.
Which is worse:
To be brilliant but known as a bumbling redneck fool more interested in Little Willy than the affairs, ahem, of state
To be believed to be a bumbling redneck dummy who really is much smarter than his foes give him credit for...
"Either we're removing a dictator who currently has plans to fund terrorism against American citizens or -- if Bush is completely wrong and Eleanor Clift is completely right -- we're just removing a dictator who plans to terrorize a lot of people in the region, but not Americans specifically. Even for someone like me, who doesn't want America to be the world's policeman, the risk of precipitous action against Saddam Hussein doesn't keep me up at night." -- Ann Coulter
"The ACLU spent this entire holiday season protesting public displays of the nativity scene. Yeah, that's the problem with America right now: Public displays of Christ's birth, that's the problem. It's unbelievable to me. The ACLU will no longer fight for your right to put up a nativity scene, but they'll fight for the right of the local freak who wants to stumble onto the scene and have sex with one of the sheep." -- Dennis Miller
"The French are always reticent to surrender to the wishes of their friends and always more than willing to surrender to the wishes of their enemies." -- Dennis Miller
"I'm older than many of you, and actually lived in a commune during the hippie era. There is nothing like living in a commune to give you an industrial-strength understanding of the limits of "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs." Not all the leeches are invertebrates." -- from a post to the venusenvycomic Yahoo Group, Feb. 2, 2003
"We recognize, as appellants urge, the undisputed power of the jury to acquit, even if its verdict is contrary to the law as given by the judge and contrary to the evidence. ... If the jury feels that the law under which the defendant is accused is unjust, or that exigent circumstances justified the actions of the accused, or for any reason which appeals to their logic or passion, the jury has the power to acquit, and the court must abide by that decision." -- U.S. vs. Moylan, 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, 1969 (417 F.2d 1002, 1006)
In order to get power and retain it, it is necessary to love power; but love of power is not connected with goodness but with qualities that are the opposite of goodness, such as pride, cunning and cruelty. -- Leo Tolstoy
"When a feminist as strident as Garofalo is defending the Hussein regime, you have to wonder if her newfound sobriety has hit a rough patch." -- Ann Coulter
"the lust for power over other people's lives is a sickness, an incurable, insatiable pathology that leads, when it can, to the accumulation of more and more power. There never lived a city councilman (or woman) or county commissioner, in a brand new cheap blue suit from Sears, who didn't gaze at himself in the full-length mirror on the back of his closet door and imagine himself being called "Mr. President." The ultimate, collectivized expression of that individual lust for power is the 20th century Superstate." -- L. Neil Smith, "We were almost free"
"So, breaking down the rhetoric, we have a. a [democrat] US Senator who thinks that it's okay to kill 3000 people if you build a daycare center, b. thinks a political comment about funding a crack-head is a racist comment from a person who did, for many years, charity pediatric cardiac surgery, much of it on black children, c. a lawyer who thinks that bombing a building in New York will free people oppressed by dictatorships. And that, furthermore, it's just Jim-dandy to kill her fellow Americans. And finally, d. an Oxford poet that thinks that slaughtering innocent civilians deliberately is a good thing, as long as they're Jews, because it raises morale. " -- John Ringo
"So the starting point and the basis of their liberal wails of anguish always and always is guilt. Guilt, guilt, guilt." -- John Ringo
"Hello, my name is Noam and I have the answer to all your problems. It's all the fault of the evil Americans, the bad conservative ones that fill the airwaves with their lies and are in power and want to oppress the world. There. Now give me money so that I can soothsay again and assuage your guilt." -- John Ringo
The economic answer to the world's problems is John Adams, not [Karl] Marx. -- John Ringo
You might be a liberal if you believe that hunters don't care about nature, but loony activists who've never been outside of Seattle do.
You might be a liberal if you believe that the same teacher who can't teach 4th graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex.
You might be a liberal if you believe the military, not corrupt politicians, start wars
You might be a liberal if you believe that taxes are too low, but ATM fees are too high.
You might be a liberal if you believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, or Thomas Edison.
You might be a liberal if you believe that standardized tests are racist, but racial quotas and set-asides aren't.
You might be a liberal (and most likely an idiot) if you believe that the only reason socialism hasn't worked anywhere it's been tried, is because the right people haven't been in charge.
You might be a true liberal if you think that Bill Clinton was the best Republican president since Ronald Reagan.
"It's not unilateral when it's 16 to 3! Can't you count?" -- Brit Hume, Fox News
"Are the Democrats going to dance the mandate macarena?" -- Dan Rather, Election Night 1996
"How can we be isolating ourselves when it's 16 to 3 in NATO for what we want to do?" -- Brit Hume, Fox News
democrats fear that Republicans will greatly outdistance thm in fund raising for next year's elections because of campaign-finance reform, which banned the large "soft-money" contributions that have been the mainstay of DNC contributions.
Al Gore did not carry a single state in the South in 2000 Presidental election.
"If liberals think they are losing elections because of the conservative bias in the media, they may as well give up right now." -- Ann Coulter
"While you're at it, you might as well ask me why moths fly into porch lights." -- Jo-Anne Prokopowicz, State Department spokeswoman, asked to comment on Westerners acting as human shields in Iraq.
"...socialism, that notable guarantor of uniform poverty and mediocrity" -- Charles McKnight
"...nobody would think of asking the U.N. General Assembly what it thinks because it is dominated by nations with no power and less legitimacy" -- Dick Morris
"Damn Americans -- I hate those bastards." -- Canadian Liberal MP Carolyn Parrish
"Chirac's hypocrisy reeks like Brie. France continuously denounces the United States as a "hyperpower" that uses its military, diplomatic and economic might to "push" other nations into going along with U.S. policy. It then turns around and tries to bully and intimidate smaller nations in Europe into agreeing with French policy." -- Jason Lawrence
"The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to speak French." -- Gene Evans
""Violence never settles anything" should be debated by the ghosts of Hitler and Stalin, with the city fathers of Carthage as referees." -- Robert A. Heinlein
"It takes a particularly rarified variety of idiot to look at a Jew-hating fascist with a small mustache - and decide that his opponent is the Nazi." -- James Lileks
"Well, the capacity of French intellectuals to understand a Texan way of thinking is finite." -- Dr. Henry Kissinger
"Ah, Feminism in the nineties, what a "What is yours what is mine field." -- Dennis Miller
"When dealing with Canadians, it is advantageous to seem to be negotiating from a position of weakness, for when faced with an abject opponent, they become concession-happy and will accede to almost anything." -- British Diplomat, Alleyne Fitzherbert
"The real threat, as seen by the ACLU, is that religious behavior might give secular behavior a bad name, and that is, surely, unconstitutional." -- William F. Buckley
"The Democratic Party will now stick with its guy forever, no matter how harmful he is. Perhaps you call that loyalty, and perhaps there's something to it, but a bigger part, I believe, is that you have come to think that winning is everything--that victory is the purpose of politics." -- Peggy Noonan
"In the 1950s and '60s the [democrat] party included many obviously earnest and thoughtful liberals who supported goals that were in line with and expressions of serious beliefs. They believed that America was an exceptional country." -- Peggy Noonan
"[democrats] have become the party of snobs. You have become the party of Americans who think they're better than other Americans." --Peggy Noonan
"This is the Democratic paradox: You want so much to run America and yet you seem not so fond of Americans." -- Peggy Noonan
"The Democratic Party's complete obeisance to [the abortion] lobby makes Democrats look bought, frightened and craven." -- Peggy Noonan
†"The same people who don't want the U.S. to disarm Saddam Hussein are demanding that Mr. Bush drop everything and disarm Kim Jong Il - right now, if not faster," -- Wall Street Journal
"I am the only high-ranking U.S. official to ever meet with Kim Jong-il, and we are the same height and both wear high heels." -- Madeleine Albright
"Many of my fellow warmongers have mocked the nude protests mounted by the women of California's Marin County, cruelly pointing out that many of the bits on show are excessively saggy. But I'll take what I can get. If we have to have an incoherent, anti-Western "peace" movement, then women showing off their hooters in support of a culture that would stone them to death for showing off their ankles is about as good as it's gonna get." -- Mark Steyn
"American journalism's crazy old aunt in the attic." -- Best of the Web Today on Helen Thomas, Jan.†28
"Bill, you ignorant slut..." -- Dan Aykroyd as Bob Dole, "Saturday Night Live," March†8
"Its cold hard cash. The UN has made a cool billion just for admistering the [Iraqi] oil for food program. And it has 20 billion sitting in the bank earning interest. And the money that has been spent went mostly to french and german companies."
"If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community for this war with Iraq, we would not be doing this. The leaders of the Jewish community are influential enough that they could change the direction of where this is going, and I think they should." -- Congressman James P. Moran Jr. (D-Va.), Washington Post, March 10, 2003
Leftists: The United States is taking unilateral action against Iraq!
Answer: So far, it's a 90-member worldwide "unilateral" coalition.
Leftists: We are in a rush to war.
Answer: An 11-year rush?
Leftists: If we invade, Saddam Hussein might use those weapons of mass destruction against us.
Answer: I thought you said Iraq didn't have them!
Leftists: But terrorists might attack if we invade Iraq.
Answer: Oh, so if we don't attack Iraq, terrorists will never strike again?
Leftists: We shouldn't go to war without a UN resolution.
Answer: ANOTHER resolution? What about the last 16 resolutions? Shall we use them as wallpaper? Or shall we use the same resolutions Bill Clinton used in Bosnia?
Leftists: We don't have a real declaration for war.
Answer: It's called "Joint Congressional Resolution #114."
Leftists: The French don't support the war.
Answer: Oh, did they surrender already?
Leftists: Tom Daschle says George Bush has a "credibility gap"
Answer: When was the last time we came to Tom Daschle for the truth???
Leftists: These problems didn't happen under Clinton.
Answer: Actually, they happened. But Clinton ignored them. Now, Bush will clean up his mess.
Leftists: But Clinton didn't start a war.
Answer: Unless his girlfriend was testifying before congress...
Leftists: This is a racist war.
Answer: America happily endorses a multi-cultural attitude towards anyone who dares to take away our freedom.Regardless of race, color or creed, we hunt them down and kill them.
"[Reagan] was the best president in this era, as he had the perfect temperament for the job." -- Former NY Senator Daniel Patrick (democrat) Moynihan, ranking modern day presidents.
"Our policy is simple: We are not going to betray our friends, reward the enemies of freedom, or permit fear and retreat to become American policies. ... None of the four wars in my lifetime came about because we were too strong. It is weakness ... that invites adventurous adversaries to make mistaken judgments." -- President Ronald Reagan
"A January Washington Post poll found 57 percent of the public supporting military action -- but also found 57 percent of Democrats opposing it."
"If there is anyone more sanctimonious than The West Wing's Jed Bartlet, it's the moralizing old ham who plays him." -- Andrew Stuttaford, National Review
"Any polite description would be inadequate, so let me be blunt. [Michael Moore's so called documentary] Bowling uses deliberate deception as its primary tool of persuasion and effect." -- David T. Hardy.
"Ad hominem attacks: the last desperate act of the cornered liberal." -- mark f. cook
"The Nazi signs have got to stop. If you're in a peace march and the guy next to you has a sign saying that 'Bush is Hitler,' forget the peace thing for a second and beat his ass, because he is not Hitler." -- Dennis Miller
The American Civil Liberties Union that argues a 13-year-old girl ought to be able to have an abortion without her parents' knowledge now tells us that a 17-year-old high school junior is too delicate to take a phone call from a military recruiter without mom or dad explicitly signing off.
"Beverly Hills environmentalists who point fingers of shame at middle-class Americans for driving Ford Explorers, Chevy Blazers, and other SUVs will still have their photos snapped at the Kodak Theater emerging from 345-horsepower Cadillac Escalade SUVs and 300-horsepower Cadillac DeVilles luxury sedans - provided by General Motors for the occasion." -- Eric Peters in the National Review
"In fact, liberal talk radio is alive, kicking, and very, very good -- on the taxpayer- and listener-subsidized National Public Radio network." -- Lawrence Henry
Historian Paul Johnson refers to the American left's behavior during the Vietnam War as "America's suicide attempt."
Ari Fleischer: "Helen?"
Helen Thomas: "Does the President consider this [election outcome] a mandate to fulfill his agenda? Going to war with Iraq, privatizing Social Security, weakening the Civil Service Commission and so forth?"
Press Secretary Ari Fleischer: "Helen, you sound like a commercial that didnít work."
-- Exchange at White House press briefing, Nov. 6, 2003
"Tonight, David Brock will not only autograph and inscribe your copy, he'll change any 15 pages of the book you don't like."
"I'm sorry I ever invented the Electoral College." -- Al Gore, 11-8-2000
"The Iraqi elite Republican Guard is now doing so bad that it has been changed to the Democratic Guard." -- David Letterman
"Michael Moore simultaneously represents everything I detest in a human being and everything I feel obligated to defend in an American. Quite simply, it is that stupid moron's right to be that utterly, completely wrong." -- Dennis Miller
"[French foreign minister] De Villepin may pose in the United Nations as the great defender of reason, prudence and international law against an arrogant, foolhardy and unreasonable America. But his book quickly dispels his pose. It suggests that, in fact, he is a man lacking firm political principles, romantically besotted with raw political power and ready to overlook misdeeds committed in its name - but only when the power in question is the French." -- David Bell, Time Magazine, April 14, 2003
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