Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

Conrad Jones, IISS, ret.

Character Name: Conrad Jones
Player: Stoney
Class: Merchant/Scout - Level:3/7
ExPts: 5,000/25,000
Race: Human (Mix)

Str 12 +1
Dex 16 +3
Con 14 +2
Int 14 +2
Edu 14 +2
Wis 11 +0
Cha 10 +0
Soc 9 -1

Stamina: 65 (D8)
Life Blood: 14
Initiative: +3
Speed: 9m
Melee: (+5) +8
Ranged: (+5) +8
Fortitude- +4
Reflex- +7
Will- +4
AC- 10 (13) w/out vacc suit


Skills: Languages - Galanglic, Vilani, Irilitok


Gear: Credits- 40,000

Homeworld- Jenthral B523454-B Ni
Age: 36 (looks 46) Ht:5'8" Wt: 147kg Handedness: Left
Hair: Lt Brown Eyes: Green

Description: tanned, wrinkled skin from seeing to much sun. Somewhat scraggly hair that always looks like it needs a cut. He has firm callused hands and more then one scar, each with it's own story.

Prior History- Merchant - term1; Exploratory--no promotion, expts bonus 4,000+1,000 expts Mustered out---20,000cr. Scout - term 1; Base --expts bonus 4,000+2,000 expts term 2; Mission -- expts bonus 4,000+3,000 expts term 3; Routine - expts bonus 4,000+3,000 expts term 4; War - expts bonus 4,000+1,000 expts Mustered out--- Scout ship, +2 int, 50,000cr.

Born of mixed Sol/Vilani blood on a small non-industrial world. Conrad spent his childhood dreaming of the day he could pilot a starship, tinkering with anything mechanical, or learning to speak Vilani from his mother.
On his 18th b-day, he joined the Merchant league and spent 4 years as a crewman on a small freighter, acting as pilot/astrogator. During his service aboard the Belltaine, they explored new trade routes, establishing more then one permanent route. Conrad realized his love for the stars wasn't the trading or the Merchants, it was exploring. So after his first term with the merchants, he mustered out and joined the Scout service. His first term was spent on a remote scout base doing geological surveys and mapping different regions. During his second term as a scout, he met and befriended, Lask, a Vargr engineer/gunner, his only crewmate on the scout ship he was assigned. They spent the next eight years together, exploring the universe and becoming very close friends. Close enough that Conrad even learned to speak Irilitok, the Vargr native tongue. On his fourth term of service, a war broke out between the Imperium and the Solomani Confederation and he was sent to act as scout/courier. Unfortunately, during the war, Lask was killed and their ship badly damaged. During the last year his term he tried to get over the death of his best friend and move on, but it was just too hard, so Conrad left the Scouts to find a new path.
As benefits for sixteen years of loyal service, Conrad was given 50,000cr., the gift of knowledge, and a repaired, but quirky scout ship, that likes to breakdown at the most inopportune times. In honor of his fallen friend, Conrad named her the 'Lone Wolf' and painted a white wolves paw on the back of the turret.
Currently he is just waiting for an adventure to find him or a job, which ever comes first.

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