Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

The detached IISS Scout Ship Lone Wolf

Operated by Conrad Jones, IISS, ret.

The Lone Wolf is a 100 ton IISS Scout/Courier currently assigned to a detached (you never really retire) Scout named Conrad Jones.
It's in fair shape for a ship of it's age. The engine room shows that it had received tender loving care by a skilled engineer in the past.
So the fusion power planet, as well as both the M-Drive & the J-Drive are currently reliable.

The life support system is another story. It's fully capable of maintaining survivable conditions for a full compliment for at least month. That's the good part. The not so good part is that it will realy start to stink after acouple of weeks. That's just with one or two active sophs aboard. Put more of a load on the system and things will start to go sour faster. The air coming out of the filters will smell strongly of old, moldy laundry and wet fur. If you never thought that distilled & purified water could taste stale, you'll be in for a surprise.

The crew lounge (Room 10 in the deck plans) contains a standard Half Galley. This is 4 cubic meters dedicated to food preparation, cooking, and utensil storage. The combination convection/microwave oven is large enough to cook meals for 6-10 in one sitting. Suitable for preparing either prepared rations or bulk food stuff.

Ship's Weapons:
The Lone Wolf is fitted with a double turret.
The turret is fitted with one missile rack and one sandcaster rack.
There is no internal storage fitted for either missiles or sand canisters.
So...the ship is limited to the three missiles and sand canisters stored in each of the rack's internal magazines.

Currently, the sandcaster magazine is full, and the missile magazine has two standard (HE) missiles.

Equipment Currently on board Lone Wolf: A note on equipment storage. IISS ships don't have a arms locker per say. Weapons are typically stored in the ship's main locker, unless the Scouts aboard ship prefer to keep them under their own control, or stored in their own cabins. When the weapons are in the main locker, they may or may not, be secured. Regulations call for all weapons to be stowed and locked down. In reality, you can find everything between what the regulations call for, and a box with a few handguns, a pair of mismatched shotguns and a carbine, all resting on a 18cm layer of loose ammo.
The Pulp Hunter PBEM game was hosted by Traveller Central. For information on the mailing list for this game, look here.

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