Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

The retired IISS Scout Ship Hidalgo

Operated by Sir Jace Pedersen

The Hidalgo is a 200 ton aerodynamic ship with variable sweep wings. It has staterooms for 10 (5 doubles), and is capable of 3-G and Jump-2
It's in fair shape for a ship of it's age (40 years). The power plant needs attention and the thrusters need a tune up. The jump drive seems to be OK.
The life support system is another story. It's fully capable of maintaining survivable conditions for a full compliment for at least month. That's the good part. The not so good part is that it will realy start to stink after a couple of weeks. That's just with a half dozen or so active sophs aboard. Put more of a load on the system and things will start to go sour faster. The air coming out of the filters will smell strongly of old, moldy laundry and wet fur. If you never thought that distilled and purified water could taste stale, you'll be in for a surprise.

The crew lounge contains a standard Half Galley. This is 4 cubic meters dedicated to food preparation, cooking, and utensil storage. The combination convection/microwave oven is large enough to cook meals for 6-10 in one sitting. Suitable for preparing either prepared rations or bulk food stuff.
The galley is also equiped with a fusion still (it runs of the main power). Just about any type of organic matter can be fed into a hopper and it will produce potable water and/or a just-about-edible nutrient product normally known as "glop". The contents and taste of the glop depends on what is put in. The device will warn of any missing vital nutrients.

Suites have standard twin fold down single bunks and a fold down desk surface.
There are full computer workstations in each cabin with large flat screen monitors built in the wall surfaces, as well as projectors capable of producing free standing holos (at each bunk (so you can watch vids in bed), at the desk surface, or in the center of the room.
There is closet and smaller storage space for the occupants.

Each cabin has a small fresher. The toilet and sink are fold downs. One entire wall is a mirrored surface. There are several small compartments for personal items.
With the sink & toilet folded up, the entire room (which isn't that big...) becomes a shower, complete with a forced warm air drying system.


Ship's Weapons:
The Hidalgo is fitted with two double turrets.
The dorsal turrent mounts a dual pulse laser.
The ventral turret is a dual missile turret.
There is one ton of internal storage fitted for missiles storage.

Equipment Currently on board Hidalgo: Here is a dorsal view and the Ship's Patch by Chuck Shaw

It has a a clamshell cargo door in the nose (under the bridge). This, along with a short, retrackable ramp, give it drive in/drive off cargo bay access.

Design Details

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