Pulp Hunters

A Traveller20 PBEM

The retired IISS Scout Ship Hidalgo

deck plans

deck plans
A: The Hidalgo has three primary airlocks, two in perpendicular to the Command Bridge, and another aft in front of the Air/Raft berth. The doors are powered iris valve types, and have a hydraulic fast-opening backup system in case of power failure. Exterior iris valves also employ a third exit backup system, in the form of coordinated explosive bolts. Activation of the bolts can only be initiated by use of a special key, kept in an alarmed bay. The bolt system is timed to activate on a ten second countdown.

B: The Command Bridge of the Hidalgo has a five station control layout. With variable configuration control consoles for each. The center forward seat is reserved for the Pilot. The starboard and port side seats behind the pilot's are a gunner positions, and take advantage of of the single piece cast view port. The final two positions are designated for the Sensors and Communications Officer (on the port side, outside the ships locker.( D ) and the Astrogator's position. The Astrogator has the advantage of having access to the Ship's Computer ( C ) on the wall directly to the right of the position. Two keyed maintenance hatches are port and starboard of the pilot position and allow access to the ships Avionics palette in the nose of the vessel.

C: Ship's Computer

D: Ship's Locker

E: Galley/Common Area: Big table. Kitchen gear. Computer consoles, holo displays, a really good sound system. Some storage space for food and whatnot.

F: Stateroom Fresher

G: Air/Raft Berth (also functions as Airlock)

H: Two Deck engineering section. The upper part of engineering has a gantry in (between the M-Drives) that over looks the Jump Drive. There is an iris in the floor of it that leads to the lower station by lift/ladder. Right behind the Bridge door is an Iris that empties out on top of the missile magazine, which has been moved to the rear of the Cargo bay.

K: Forward Cargo Bay with Loading Ramp (Can be pressurized when closed) The Grid like affair in the bay are tie down locks.

L: Port and Starboard 23-ton anti-splash baffled Fuel Tanks. Port and starboard of these tanks are the mechanics for the variable wing sweep, in addition to the landing skid mechanics. The skids have deployable wheels. The ship has full contra/grav & thrusters, so it can set down VTOL. It's also capable of gliding in (given sufficient atmosphere), in which case the wheels mounted on the skid legs would be deployed and locked down.

M: Sickbay: includes MO cabin, emergency low berth, ample examination table space, and two autodocs.

Note: The black square central to the plan is an elevator to allow between deck access. It can be opened as a hatch if the need arises (power failure/sickbay access for non-ambulatory patients., etc.)

Formal blueprints

Exterior views:
Deck plans and model by Chuck Shaw

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