Space Vermin RPG Association: Charles Savoie

A long time Space Vermin who's characters often have odd little quirks.

Player Characters for:

"Minister" Goddard
A Mechwarrior and self-proclaimed "Man of God" He joined Haldane's Harriers when they were still a company. He is a smooth talker and a Neo-Baptist minister. His clothing tends to black leathers. He even has gone to the effort of having a black leather Harriers uniform tailored for himself. Lucky for him, the uniforms in Steele's Spartans are practically the same.
Tech Dana Bean
Once one of the Harriers Techs.  Now Chief Astech of Steel's Spartans.
Lance Corporal Joab Forte
A native of the planet Emerald in the Jewell subsector. He was honorably discharged from the Imperial Marines, with the rank of Lance Corporal. He fell on hard times as mercenary before joining the Silver Rose Security Agency as part of a work-release program. His current assignment is aboard the Far Trader March Hare.
He's a decker. A rather good one. He will often work more for the thrill than the profit. His dresses in synth-denim and real leather (when he can get it).
While on the small end of Troll, he is still a big boy. His idea of a sidearm is a Panther Assault Cannon.
Dr. Ching
The Ship's Surgeon of the Cloud Ship High Rhodes. This Celestial Gentleman's English is not very good. He does seem to have the word "Amputate" down quite well though. That and a large ax he has in his cabin makes the crew just a bit nervous.
Sir Ian McDuff
A Knight with a cad for a squire. He feels that it is his duty purge his squire of his questionable habits.
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