Terran Confederation Naval Ensign Harold Randolf LeBlanc

Second Annual Turokan Memorial 'SHOW US YOUR PCs AND NPCs' Contest entry, 2002

This character was generated using the High Guard (Book 5) rules of Classic Traveller, (CT).

Terran Confederation Naval Ensign Harold Randolf LeBlanc

Harold is the only child of a French-Canadian philosophy professor named Paul LeBlanc and Rear-Admiral Rachel Wolfington.

Harold was raised by a series of Nannies and boarding schools. His father was always more interested in people who were already dead than Harold. He rarely saw his mother, who spent most of her time in deep space, waging war against the Vilani. On the rare occasion he did see her, it was for a short time, and typically very formal.

Rachel Wolfington is a member of one of the Old Naval families that dominate the Terran Confederation Navy. She has had a steady career of success after success against the Vilani forces. Over the years her fame has grown. By the time the Harold entered the Naval Academy (he had very little choice in the matter), his mother had made Rear Admiral and gained the nickname "The Space Wolf". Her task force, informally known as the "Wolf Pack", was at the sharp edge of combat, cutting deep into Vilani space, disrupting the supply lines and tying down units from going to the front.

For as long as he can remember, Harold's mother made very clear that he was to follow in her footsteps. Harold worked hard through out school to live up to his mother's expectations of him. He did well, but not brilliantly. It was enough, with his mother's Old Navy connections get him into the Academy.

He graduated in the middle of his class. His years at the Academy were among the best and the worst of his life. Since he was from an Old Navy family, the pressure on him to succeed was quite high. It was even worse being the son of a famous Admiral. Harold worked hard, but he just didn't have that "spark" that it was so obvious that his mother had. His seriousness made the target of some less serious minded upper classman. This group was not from Old Navy families. They knew their Naval careers would be limited by that fact. They took delight in teasing Harold. They would have hazed him, but they didn't think he was worth the effort. They even adopted him as an unofficial mascot, and gave him the nickname "Binkie." Harold wanted nothing to do with them and was quite relieved when they graduated. Harold didn't qualify for flight school, which was fine with him. He wasn't interested in a glamorous, but often short, career as a fighter pilot. He wanted a chance for command.

He didn't get it. His first assignment was the as the assistant supply officer on a large Naval base on Earth. His second assignment was on old Battle Cruiser that had been cycled off the front lines. He spent a full year checking vacc suit lockers and conducting uniform inspections, while the ship patrolled systems safely under Terran control.

He was saved by his old Navy Family connections. Harold got a slot in a crowded Staff College session. The fact that someone better qualified for it, but without the Old Navy Family connections he had, got bumped, was no problem for Harold. Once there, he applied himself with diligence. He did well enough, and by now, had no problem making use of his mother's reputation and connections. He managed to get himself on a short list for several very plum positions.

Right after finishing his Staff College tour, he was selected to be a Vice-Admiral Ramachandrappa's Aide. On one level it was a year of being a glorified gofer. The most impressive Naval skill he learned was how make a really good cup of filter coffee. On the other hand, it put him at a very stratified level of Naval brass just as the war was winding down. He was able to pursue his desire for command.

With the war over, the former Empire of the Vilani needs to be brought under Terran control. The Navy was given the task of administering their new contests. The sheer size of the former Empire made this a massive task. There were not just enough qualified administrators to go around. This resulted in young, junior officers being put in charge of entire worlds while their seniors took control of entire sectors and the remaining Vilani fleets.

This is how Ensign LeBlanc ended up in charge of an entire Vilani world, and the surrounding system. This medium population world has a starport, an orbital High Port, a Viliani Naval station on the Gas Giants largest moon, and an active mining concern in the asteroid belt. He and his small staff of enlisted personnel are the sole representatives of the Terran Confederation. They are to bring a world with a culture older than the Pyramids on Earth into line with the latest Navy Regulations for occupied Terran Confederation planets.

Harold is not a large man, standing only 5'7" (170cm). He does not like physical exercise and maintains his 140-pound (63.5 kilogram) weight through a disciplined diet and long walks. He has his father's pale completion and thinning brown hair that is kept in a regulation cut. Harold's eyes are a muddy brown. He takes great care in his grooming and uniform. One of his first actions on arriving at his new Command was to hire a local Batman.

The space and weight allotted for his personal belongings during the trip was quite small. He brought along: a holo portrait of his Mother in full dress uniform; a scale model of her latest command, the TCN Strike Cruiser Dire Wolf; two actual books on Alexander the Great; an extra set of uniforms, including full Mess Dress, and very ornate TCN cutlass presented to him when was assigned to Vice-Admiral Ramachandrappa as his aide. In addition to his TCN issue vac suit, he has managed to get fitted for a top of the line TL C TC Marine issue suit of Combat Armor. It's fitted for vacuum work as well the latest in TC military electronics. It's the TCN version, which means the markings are pure Navy. Harold knows how to use it, barely. He doesn't really care to learn how to use it properly. It was a coupe for him to obtain it, so it was more than worth the effort for status value alone.

Terran Confederation Naval Ensign Harold LeBlanc is determined to run his command by the book. He sees this assignment as springboard to rapid promotion and a career to dwarf his mother's fame.

Ensign LeBlanc commands a very small group of Terran Confederation personnel. His staff consists of 12 Terran Confederation Navy ratings and five Terran Confederation Marines. In addition to the personnel, Ensign LeBlanc been assigned a single 50 ton cutter. This vessel is armed with a single laser and is capable of transporting the entire TCN detachment. It's an older model (TL A) with sensor & weapons upgrades (TL C & B)

The Naval ratings consists of 1 Chief Petty Officer (E7), a small craft pilot ( Petty Officer First Class E6), 2 mechanics (Petty Officer Third Class E4 & E3 Able Spacehand), an accounting team ( Petty Officer Third Class E5 and 4 Able Spacehands E3), 2 communications specialists (Petty Officer Third Class E4 & Able Spacehand E3), and key to a Vilani posting, a Terran cook (Petty Officer Second Class E5).

The Marine unit consists of a Lance Sergeant (E4), a Corporal (E3), two Lance Corporals (E2) and a Private (E1). All the Marines have Combat Armor, as well as CBE suits. They are armed with TL C ACRs, RAM Grenades and autopistols for sidearms. The plan of record is for them to be in field or dress uniforms more than CBE suits or Combat Armor. They are responsible for the safety of TCN personnel. They are also responsible for the small arms locker containing TCN issue weapons for the Naval personnel. This consists primarily of TL B ACRs, carbines, sidearms, a few cutlasses, and light body armor (flack jackets and helmets).

Str 5
Dex A
Edu 7
Int 8
Edu A+3 = D
SS 9+1=A

Term 1: Terran Confederation Naval Academy
Edu +3, Vacc Suit - 1, Graduated in the Middle of his Class.

Term 2: Line Branch


A few notes on Harold's current assignment:
First putting a Naval O1 in charge of a planet is mentioned in canon. From Alien Module 6:
"Terran Naval officers were dispatched throughout the Vilani Empire. . . . more than 100,000 naval officers were dispatched to the worlds of the Vilani Empire, to take control of the reigns of government, to direct local bureaucracies, and to maintain peace and order. In some cases, Terran ensigns were faced with governing a whole world, and commanders previously entrusted with no more than a light cruiser were know administering subsectors."

How you play the Chief Petty Officer (E7) that actually runs the TCN enlisted crew is going to effect Harold's happiness, and his career.

There are several reasons why this poor long suffering veteran got this job:

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