One of the characters I generated for a MegaTraveller PBEM.

Hauptman Lothar Leopold von Strasse, retired from the Imperial Army after graduating from the sector Imperial Military Academy, and three terms in the Army Commandos.
STR B                           Skill list:
DEX 9                              Cbt Rifleman   - 3
END 8                              Handgun        - 2
INT C                              Hvy Weapons    - 2
EDU C                              Energy Weapons - 2
SOC B                              Battle Dress   - 2
LIF 28                             Computer       - 2
DET 20                             Tactics        - 1
EXP 23                             Demolition     - 1
                                   Large Blade    - 1
                                   Vacc Suit      - 1
   Citations:                      Leader         - 1
    MCG                            Robot Ops      - 1
    MCUF                           Mustering out benefits:
    Purple Heart                        150,000Cr
    Combat Ribbon with Cluster          High Passage
    Combat Ribbon with Cluster          9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol
    Combat Ribbon with Cluster
    Combat Ribbon  
    Combat Ribbon
Lothar Strasse is the fifth child of wealthy Imperial Noble on Lanth. He received a knighthood upon his graduation from the Imperial Army Military Academy. It is a minor order conferred apon non-titled members of his family who enter Imperial military service.

Lothar von Strasse used his high ranking with his graduating class to get a transfer directly to the Commandos. He attacked his training with vigor. Commando school was followed by advanced training. He caught the eyes of his instructors and immediately following graduation, he was shipped out with a new promotion and command of commando unit assisting in a police action.

The rest of his combat missions resulted in field promotion and four citations for bravery. Many of his classmates have been promoted passed him. Lothar considers himself a combat officer and doesn't take part in the `ticket punching' that is required for advancement in the Imperial Military. He has only used his Noble connections to obtain posting to combat missions.

During his one year at Staff College, he proved that he has social graces. He taught riding to instructor's daughters and coached their spouses in golf and tennis. He played cutthroat cards with general officers and knew when to win and when to lose. He pulled every trick he could to get back to the front. He considers the only acceptable posting is a combat mission. If he's not in combat, he will settle for training. While trained in the most modern military equipment, Lothar knows the value of time honored commando tactics.

When the War ended, Lothar retired rather than fight his better connected peers for the few combat missions. He is well set financially due to `combat bonuses' paid and invested by an admiring uncle.

Lothar is currently observing the local mercenary market, looking for a good unit. He has the money to have his Army uniform tailored and really does look quite dashing in it. Lothar is tall, muscular, blond, gray eyed and he kept a scar cutting across his left eyebrow. He picked that up in a friendly cutlass duel with Imperial Marine Commandos. He is currently sporting a neatly trimmed mustache.

While looking for work, he is enjoying the life of younger son of a local noble family and war hero. His off hours have been spent hunting, skiing stalking young women at night clubs and tennis courts.

Character © Copyright 2002 Mark Urbin

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