British TWITs in Space!

3rd Place Winner First Annual Turokan Memorial'SHOW US YOUR PCs AND NPCs' Contest, 2001

While we never used the T4 rule set, I generated some characters as an exercise.

After listening to complaining on the TML about "Yanks in Space", I came up with the idea of a proper English Twit in Space.  One of those inbreed junior officers that the British Military Officer ranks are subject to.

Sub Lieutenant Sir Reginald Wallace "Bunny" Quimby, KS, Imperial Navy, Ret.

Bunny is the third son of an Imperial Count. The family has deep ties to the Imperial Navy. Pater is retired Imperial Navy Admiral with a long line of senior IN Officers preceeding him. His two older (and smarter) brothers graduated from the Naval Academy and have served with distinction. The eldest brother, William, retired after reaching the rank of Captain. He is currently serving in the Imperial government. The middle brother, Danforth, is currently a Commander with his own jump capable war ship. Bunny has two sisters, Chastity & Elizabeth. Chas is older than Bunny, and currently a Naval Medical Officer. Liz, the youngest, is an artist & musician, fresh out of school, but well received.

Bunny was an enthusiastic, and energetic young man. He was not, however, the brightest bulb on the family tree. He did receive the benefits of his birth though. He went to some of the finest schools. He succeeded with the help of some very good tutors. He also rarely made the same mistake twice. One thing Bunny did take to was riding. Pater saw that he received top instruction in order to make the most of his natural talent. While in school he collected a shelf of riding trophies that Pater displayed.

Bunny followed the family tradition and entered the Naval Academy. A letter from Pater helped get him in, but his hard work kept him there, dispite not quite setting the family record for demerits. As per the family tradition, Bunny was entered into the Knightly Order of Sylea as a Companion on his graduation from the Naval Academy.


Term 1: Imperial Naval Academy:

Skills: Computer, Admin, Leader, Heavy Weapons

Bunny struggled through the Academy and graduated in the bottom Quarter of his class. William and Danforth, both whom ranked quite high in their classes, were quite impressed that Bunny got through at all. They threw a rousing party for his graduation. Pater was also impressed that Bunny graduated, but was not so vocal in his approval. Bunny's years at the Academy were fairly uneventful. He had his share of demerits, but again, rarely for the same thing twice. His curriculum was fairly standard. He didn't rank high enough for pilot training, nor was he technical enough for serious engineering course work. He took a lot of computer courses, and leaned the mazes of Naval administrative paperwork. He did manage to become a co-captain of the Academy Riding team in his junior and senior years. To relieve some of his frustration, he spent extra time at the heavy weapons range. Naval Officers were supposed to be at least familiar with the tools of the Marines. Bunny just enjoyed the feeling of power handling a full auto GL gave him. Quite different from muddling through stellar cartography courses

After graduation, and his formal induction into the Imperial Navy, Bunny like his brothers before him, was awarded Knighthood in the Order of Sylea.

Term 2: Imperial Navy:

Skills: Sensors, Diplomacy, Pistol, Survey, Vac Suit

Promoted to Sub-Lieutenant

Bunny's first tour in the Navy was spent as a very junior staff officer assigned to a home system fleet. He spent much of his time at a sensor station, remapping asteroid belts and comets. His immediate superior, a freshly promoted Lieutenant who had recently been warming the same seat, thought it was good for him. Bunny's duty hours were hours of boredom punctuated by moments of sheer terror, brought on by the unannounced vacuum drills. His score for his very first vacuum drill was 'dead'. Nearly all his off duty hours during his first month in space was spent reviewing vac suit manuals and having his cabin mate time him getting into the suit. His scores improved steadily. Once he had that drill down, he spent time practicing marksmanship with his cP-03 issue sidearm. The odds of the ship being boarded while patrolling the Sylea Gas Giant routes were slim, but Bunny could dream. Bunny also spent a good deal of his off duty time winning the hearts and minds of his superiors. He used his social status to gain a seat at the Officer's Mess poker table. He lost regularly, but showed enough sense to not loose excessively. He hung on every word of wardroom tales of Navy life at the frontier. His charm, enthusiasm, and called in favors got his next tour of duty posted to the Frontier. His drill ratings and a good conduct netted him a promotion from Ensign to Sub Lieutenant in the promotion heavy home fleet.

Term 3: Imperial Navy:

Skills: Forward Observer, Diplomacy, Ship's Boat, Long Blade

Of course Pater was not pleased with Bunny's transfer out of the home fleet. While he quietly admired Bunny's spunk, he really doesn't think the lad has enough sense to keep himself from getting killed. Bunny was, of course, thrilled to be out on the fringes of the Imperium. Where the action is! He was assigned to one of the ship's armed pinnaces. He started as a gunner, and then was trained as a pilot. The pinnaces crew was also tasked with calling in Ortillery strikes. In addition to ferrying the Ship's senior officers about, the pinnace was used for transporting a unit of the shipboard Marines planet side on combat missions. Ship's Marines have a habit of 'adopting' their Naval Pinnace crews. Young Bunny was no exception. He honed his diplomatic skills to further this process while not entirely pissing off the Ship's Senior Officers, who viewed the Marines onboard as a necessary unpleasantness. His position as the Marine's 'Navy Mascot' kept him from a promotion, but he did learn to handle a cutlass well. Bunny considered this a fair trade.

Bunny retired from the Imperial Navy after learning that Pater had arraigned a staff position for him. A fairly ceremonial post as part of the Moot Liaison team. Of course, Pater cut off payments to his bank account once he found out about this. To Pater's astonishment, this did not bring the boy around. Chastity, Bunny's strongest supporter has voiced her support and pride in him. Liz feels it is quite romantic, but has already started working on a dirge for him. William sides with Pater. Danforth's support for Bunny is quiet, but steady.

Bunny actually felt relieved. He was now free to make his own mark upon this budding new Imperium. Armed only his wits, a strong sense of honor, KCr 11, and an Honorable discharge from the Imperial Navy, Bunny is ready to make his mark as a Solider of Fortune. A certified Knight in shining Battle Armor making the frontier safe for the Third Imperium! Well, he really can't afford Battle Dress, but his honor is pure.

As a member of the Knightly Order of Sylea, he had a custom revolver made for him by the Order's gunsmith. It's a classic example of Sylea heavy revolver. Custom fitted, ornately detailed, and very powerful.

As a graduation, brother Danforth gave Bunny a 'space watch.' It is a very solid, and dependable model, lacking in the flash of some models, but making up for in reliability. The back is engraved with an Imperial Sunburst, Bunny's name and year of graduation from the Academy.

His cutlass is not Imperial Marine issue. It is however, made by the same company that produces the blade for the Imperial Military. It's a civilian market surplus model, built to the same specifications. It does not have the Imperial military markings.

UPC: 8785AB

Skill List
Computer - 2 Grav Craft - 1 Equestrian -3 Villani (Lang) - 1
Admin -1 LeaderShip -1 Heavy Weapons - 1 Pistol - 1
Sensors - 1 Diplomacy - 2 Forward Observer - 1 Ship's Boat - 1
Survey - 1 Vac Suit - 1 Long Blade - 1

Equipment List
Aid Universal Pocket Lamp TL C
comm cP-03 Pistol Heavy Pistol (Revolver)
Cutlass Dagger 20 rounds DS (Hvy Pistol)
Blur 50 rounds Space Watch

Cr 9,715 remaining

Character © Copyright 2001 Mark Urbin

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