One of the characters I generated for a MegaTraveller PBEM.

Sergeant Major Dysart Kintaro, six terms Imperial Marines

STR 9                           Skill list:
DEX 6                              Cbt Rifleman   - 1
END A                              SMG            - 2
INT 8                              Grav Vehicle   - 1
EDU 6                              Forgery        - 1
SOC 4                              Battle Dress   - 1
LIF 25                             Comm           - 2
DET 18                             Electronics    - 2
EXP 14                             Small Blade    - 1
                                   Large Blade    - 1
   Citations:                      Steward        - 1
    Purple Heart
    Combat Ribbon                           
    Combat Ribbon                  Mustering out benefits:
                                        45,000 Cr

He's comes from the slums of the industrial world of Villis. A street ganger who was `enlisted' into the Imperial Marines out of prison work gang. He didn't retire to his homeworld since he doesn't consider it his home. The Imperial Fleet was his home. He is currently looking for group of young soliders to beat some sense into. An officer who need to be looked after will do just as well.
Dysart is a skilled communications tech and orderly. As a proper Marine orderly, he knows when an officer needs coffee and when he needs brandy. An officer shouldn't have to worry about such things.
He speaks with an odd-ball accent you only hear from old Imperial Marine and Navy ratings. It's a mish-mash of various dialects with a mix of gutter slang when the going gets salty.

I converted the Sar' Maj. to GURPS:Traveller. Some of the conversions are SWAGs

ST 10
DX 10
IQ 11
HT 14

Guns/TL 13
Piloting (Contra/Grav) 12
Forgery/TL 12
Battlesuit/TL 1
Electronic Operations/TL
Shortsword 12
Broadsword 12
Savior-Faire (Servant) 12
Thrown Weapon 13
Adminstration 12
Beam Weapon/TL 11
Savior-Faire (Military) 12
Free Fall 11



This rounds the Sar' Major out at 150 points.

Character © Copyright 2002 Mark Urbin

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