Draconis Combine News Release:
What outrages? We're merely trying to help the local population adjust to their new status.

Shutting down the media? Oh. The local private owned media was in the control of a small cartel of radical reactionaries determined to undermine the orderly re-assumption of municipal controls through the spreading of lies and the theft of government data. They were disenfranchised.*

(frequently translated as executed, imprisoned, or enslaved)

Rationing food supplies? Well, sir, there were riots and great disorder due to Davion military action shortly before the Draconis Combine assumed control over the situation. The current rationing scheme is merely our way of ensuring that each citizen gets his share of nourishment. If the rations are small, clearly it is because the AFFS did not leave much for the residents here.

The curfew? Again, this is a temporary control measure designed to allow us to ensure public safety and root out hooligans. Indeed, those who are removed from society have been found guilty of attempting to disrupt the order we are bringing in the aftermath of the military action on Quentin. They have been disenfranchised to we can continue the orderly rebuilding of society here.

Those rounded up and sent to work camps? You yourself mentioned the food problem. The Draconis government is taking measures to raise food production on Quentin. There are also many people dislocated from homes that were destroyed during the fighting. The Draconis government is moving them to camps to ensure food, shelter, and medical care for them.

Tai-i Matsuwa Hanako,
DC Office of the Military Governor

Ah, putting a "proper" spin on things..... :-)
Written by and copyrighted © Mitch Schwartz
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