This is one of the sample weapons I built during the FF&S beta period.
Built using GDW's Fire Fusion & Steel, beta test version
TL 8 11.42x23mm (.45 ACP) stright ammo & semiautomatic pistol

Cartridge weights 19gms and costs Cr0.38 per round.
HE rounds cost Cr0.76 each.

 8cm light barrel                               0.16 Kg
 Light self loading reciever                    1.04 Kg
 Hollow Pistol Grip                             0.10 Kg
 Grip Magazine (holds 12 rounds)                0.18 Kg
 Laser sight                                    1.00 Kg
 Muzzle Brake (4cm)                             0.20 Kg
 Flash Suppessor (4cm)                          0.04 Kg

cost unloaded = Cr 720.42
Weight unloaded = 2.72 Kg
Weight loaded   = 2.95 Kg
Bulk = 1
Damage = 2
Penetration = 1- Nil
Recoil = 2
Short range = 13m

ROF     Dam     Pen     Blk     Mag     SS  Brst        Rng
SA       2      1-Nil    3       12      2   -          13
Now compare this to the Colt M1911A1 out of GDW's `Infantry Weapons of the World'.

Ammo: .45 ACP
Wt: 1.4 Kg
Grip Magazine: 7 rounds
Price: $100
ROF     Dam     Pen     Blk     Mag     SS  Brst        Rng
SA       2      Nil      1       7       3   -          12
Design notes: The laser sight is on the FF&S version for two reasons. One is to have the targeting advantage. The other is the added weight. With out it, Recoil jumps to 3.
The FF&S version is twice the weight, but carries 5 more rounds, has a recoil of 2, rather than 3. It does the same damage with a slightly better range. The combination of Laser sight, lower recoil and larger magazine allow for more accurate substained fire.

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