Strasse Machine Pistol, Model-1C, Experimental

The SMP-1CX is a light machine pistol. It has a very high rate of fire and comes with a standard 23 round grip magazine. It has a 20cm barrel, a 4cm muzzle brake/Flash Suppressor, a laser sight, and a shock absorbing folding stock. A 20cm silencer is optional. With out the silencer, this weapon weighs 2.27 Kg fully loaded The optional silencer very effectively silences the weapon, but it reduces the muzzle energy drasticly. The HE & HEAP rounds are little more effective than standard rounds.

This weapon was designed for use by Gralyn Union Military Commando Units and Gralyn Police counter-terrorist units. The 20cm barrel is detachable and the entire unit is designed to fit in a custom fitted attache case for transport.

The SMP-1CX uses a very light ETC round designed deliver an expanding head round at close ranges. The expanding round can not penatrate even light body armor. It does deliver a reasonable amount of kenetic energy though. Discarding Sabot rounds are available. These rounds, while delivering less energy, can defeat light body armor at ranges up to 110 meters. Tranqilizer rounds are also available. HEAP rounds were not produced since they are impractical for a round this small.

TL 9 5x15mm ETC straight round
d=5mm Lcc=15 2.4gm Ea=306 Cr0.1 (Ball) Cr0.2 (HE, Tranq & DS) 

TL: 9
Ammo: 5x15mm ETC straight (TL 9)
Weapon Weight:  3.27 Kg loaded,  2.57 Kg empty (does not includes empty 

Magazine Price: Cr122 23 round capacity
Recoil: SS    5    10
         1    1     2

         Dam  Range     Penatration    
Ball     1    49m       Nil
DS       1    59m       1-Nil
HE       2    37m       Nil
Traq     -1   29m       Nil


 Light Deluxe self-loading receiver 7.9cm 0.45Kg Cr335
 20cm light barrel 0.4Kg Cr80 E=478
 Folding SA stock 5/25 cm 0.5 Kg Cr50
 Hollow Pistol Grip with grip magazine (23 rounds) 0.7 Kg
 4cm Muzzle Brake .2 Kg Cr50
 2cm Flash Suppressor (2cm) 0.02 Kg Cr2
 TL 9 Laser sight 1 Kg 240m range Cr1000

with the optional silencer
         Dam  Range     Penatration    
Ball     1    34m       Nil
DS       1    41m       1-Nil
HE       1    26m       Nil
Traq     -1   20m       Nil

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