by Mark Urbin

The Gralyn Union is a small pocket empire located in Reavers' Deep sector. There are a number of reasons for its emergence as an interstellar polity; one of which is the research and development carried out by numerous small companies, each pushing back the frontiers of technology in their individual fields.

Strasse Weapons Systems, SC (Stock Corporation). is a small, but highly respected maker of quality weapons that has been privately owned by the Strasse family for 6 generations. The company has enjoyed select government contracts over the years, supplying quality weapons to elite military units.

They also produce quality firearms for civilian sales. These run the gambit from precision target arms to rugged hunting weapons. SWS produces more than firearms, although that is the mainstay of their business. They manufacture composite and compound bows, crossbows, hunting and survival knives, martial arts and police equipment. They are one of the secondary suppliers of military bayonets and ceremonial swords for the Gralyn Union armed forces. A SWS cutlass is a popular gift item given young Gralyn Union Marine officers when they receive their commission.

SWS keeps on top of military developments and service requirements through a history of military service by Strasse family members. The current CEO, Gunther Henrich Strasse served 10 years in the Marines, the last 7 as part of Special Forces units. His younger brother is currently an officer in Marine Special Forces, his nephew is in the Army and his daughter is training to be a Navy pilot.

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